Top 10 Things to Do Outside in the Rain with Kids


October 20, 2021

fun things to do outdoors in the rain with kids

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Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outside. Make the most of some rainy day fun with our pick of 10 brilliant things to do outside in the rain with the kids.

So, pop on the wellies and the waterproofs and head outside for some rainy day fun!

Things to Do Outside in the Rain with Kids

Don’t get stuck indoors on a rainy day. There are plenty of fun things to do outside in the rain to keep kids of all ages amused.

And once you’ve had lots of fun getting wet and splashing about, head indoors for baths and some warm drinks!

#1. Go on a Nature Hunt

Children walking in rain

Make it interesting by setting a challenge, for example – how many snails can you find in 10 minutes? Count the number of earthworms you come across. Look out for any interesting stones or leaves. Here is a fun nature scavenger hunt to download and try.

And when you get back inside you can use leaves and twigs to make a lovely nature collage or these leaf craft ideas.

#2. Splash in Puddles

Rainy day activities for kids jumping in puddles

This is great fun for all ages, but ideal for pre-schoolers to let off a bit of steam as well as encouraging them to count by checking how many puddles they found to jump in.

Tip – just make sure their waterproof trousers or dungarees are outside their wellies to help keep feet dry!

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#3. Head to a Nearby Beach

Head to a nearby beach and build stone castles by piling up flat stones and see who can build the highest castle.

Or why not try creating a sea monster in the sand – draw a huge outline of a face and body and decorate with stones and shells to make eyes and shirt buttons with seaweed for hair.

#4. Go Walking in the Woods

walk in the woods rainy day kids

Use the trees as giant umbrellas. See if you can spot any birds or squirrels in the trees, or look under the trees for animal burrows and mushrooms (remember to avoid picking mushrooms though unless you are an expert.). Can you hunt for pine cones?

#5. Measure a Tree

How big is that tree? Here’s how to measure a tree, it’s very easy actually and you don’t need a long ladder!

If you come across any fallen down trees or tree stumps guess the tree’s age and then count the numbers of rings to see if you are right.

#6. Ball Games

kids playing outdoors

Take a ball out into the garden or the nearest park and have a game of “Soggy Soccer” or “Drizzly Donkey”. Sure to result in some slipping and sliding in the mud, which is always a winner with the kids!


From super scavenger hunts and exciting science experiments to creative arts and crafts and active obstacle courses, here are 50 rainy day activities that are easy to do, budget-friendly, and LOTS of fun!

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#7. Sing Songs about the Rain!

See how many songs about the rain that you can think of. Take it in turn to yodel or sing them out loud (e.g. “Singing in the Rain”, “Raindrops keep falling”) as you splash through the puddles.

#8. Arrow Trails

Find as many sticks as you can and take it in turns to make an arrow trail with the stick for everyone else to follow. Put in some loops to make the trail more interesting.

#9. Make a Tree House

Make a ground level ‘tree house’ in the woods. Find a big tree with a strong low branch then collect lots of broken branches and ferns. Lean the broken branches and ferns in layers across the branch to make a mini-house under the tree.

#10. Make Mud Pies!

making mud pies

Make mud pies! Find a suitable spot in the garden where the kids can dig to their hearts content and using buckets and spades make some delicious mud pies.

Tip – make sure you have plenty of hot water ready for a warm bubble bath afterwards!

Top 10 Things to Do Outside in the Rain With Kids

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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