Kids Nature Activities: Measure a Tree


Stuck for an idea for something to do with the kids? Head on out and have some fun doing some nature activities for kids. Step out to the garden or nearby park and measure a tree!  See how many trees you can measure. What is the length of the smallest tree you have found? How high is the biggest tree nearby?

You will need:

  • A tree
  • A ruler
  • A long tape measure
  • At least two people


1. Stand near the tree, facing its trunk.  Hold the bottom of the ruler in your right hand so it points straight up.  Stretch your arm out and close your left eye.

2. Line up the ruler so the edge looks like it’s next to the tree.

3. Walk carefully backwards until the ruler seems to be the same size as the tree

4. Have your partner use the tape measure to work out the distance from you to the bottom of the tree.  You could put your shoe over one end of the tape to keep it in place.

5. The length of the measuring tape is almost equal to the height of the tree!

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Did you try to measure a tree? How did you get on? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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