Make Your Own Home Cinema


Children love the movies, and home cinemas provide the perfect opprtunity to create all the fun of the cinema, at home! Here’s the Mykidstime Guide to Making Your Own Home Cinema, in your living room


Choose the Film

First task is to choose the film, either using a voting system, or perhaps youngest gets to choose one time, second youngest next time.

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Make the Tickets

Make some tickets for the cinema: get the children to make up the tickets while you make the popcorn. They could also sell you the tickets for the films, that you have to handover when you arrive at the “cinema”.

Movie Treats

Can’t have Movie time, without popcorn and drinks.

Making the Popcorn: either microwaveable or pop some oil in a pot with the popcorn kernels, making sure you put the lid on! After a few minutes you’ll hear the popping start, give the pan a shake once or twice to redistribute the kernels and stop them from burning. Once popping has stopped, empty them into a bowl and throw in a knob of butter to melt and pour over the popped corn.

It’s ShowTime!

Close the curtains, dim the lights, hand over your ticket and let the kids usher you to your seat with a torch.

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Do you make your own home cinema ? Share any other ideas with us in the comments below

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