8 Easy Card Tricks for Kids to Delight and Amaze


May 21, 2019


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We all wanted to be a magician at some stage in our lives. While most of us did not attain the super stardom we once hoped for, we certainly enjoyed doing cool card tricks on our friends and family.

From Queens on Top to mind-reading brilliance, here are 8 easy card tricks for kids to help keep the dream alive for the next generation!

Easy Card Tricks for Kids

Is your child interested in learning magic? Then this collection of tricks will help them get started!

And the best bit, is that each of these card tricks for kids requires just one regular deck of cards and some practice – then get ready for an extraordinary show!

Card Trick Tips

Before you start performing card tricks, it’s worth learning a few of the basics to make you look more like a pro:

  • Make sure to practice all cards tricks in the mirror before you begin.
  • Learn to count in silence, without moving your lips.
  • Add a bit of drama to your shows by pausing and using ‘magic language’.
  • And remember, don’t tell the audience how it is done…keep them guessing!

#1. Mind Reading

  • Before you begin the trick and out of sight of your spectators, count out 25 cards.
  • When you come to present your trick, place these 25 cards on top of the pile and hold the cards slightly apart so you know where they end.
  • Split the pack of cards into two piles at the point where the split is.
  • Place the 25 cards face down on the table and ask a spectator to choose one card from the remaining cards in your hand.
  • Get them to show it to the rest of the audience and to memorise it.
  • Ask them to place it back on top of the pack you are holding and add back your 25 cards from the table.
  • Start dealing the cards face up and silently count to 26.
  • Ta Dah! This will be the spectator’s card.

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#2. Is This Your Card?

Similar to the first trick, this one is more spectacular as you allow your spectator to shuffle the cards after they have picked the one they want.

  • This trick is done by splitting an ordinary deck of cards into suits ahead of doing the trick. Hearts and spades for pile one, and diamonds and clubs for pile two.
  • Do this in advance of your audience arriving.
  • You can place the deck back together before the trick, but be sure to know where both piles start and end.
  • When the spectators arrive, split the deck into the pre-arranged piles and place them face down on the table.
  • Ask a spectator to choose one of the piles and shuffle the cards in that pile.
  • Placing them back on the table face down, ask them to choose a card from the pile they have shuffled.
  • Once they have memorised the card ask them to place it back into the other pile and let them shuffle the cards in that pile too.
  • Pick up the pile and start to look through them. You will immediately see the odd card out but pause for dramatic effect or look like your are studying the cards intently.
  • Hold it up to the audience and ask the spectator to confirm that it is their card!

#3. Easy Card Tricks for Kids Tutorial

You have to be able to spell to do this trick. You pretend you can’t find the card the spectator has picked so you have to ask them what card it was.

But with some simple counting and spelling tricks you can wow them when you spell out the name of their card and it appears as the final card.

#4. Sleight of Hand

This is another memory trick but with no preparation involved.

  • Using a full deck of cards, shuffle them and ask a spectator to pick a card.
  • Get them to split the deck and place the card face down on top of the pile.
  • The secret to this trick is to remember the card before theirs’ so quickly look at it before putting the pile back together.
  • To add to the effect, you could carefully shuffle the pack, making sure to stay away from the area where you placed the card.
  • Then deal the cards out one by one, pausing every now and then to make it look like you are thinking.
  • You will finally reach the card before the one the spectator placed back in the pack and you will know that their card is next in the pile!
  • You could even go past and then come back to it to make them think you have not found it.

#5. Clipped Card Trick

For this trick, you only need one special card and a paper clip – and the power of illusion will have your audience completely astounded. Take a look at the video to find out how you can perform the clipped card trick.

Looking for more?

Is your child looking to perfect some wondrous tricks? We have rounded up 12 of the best magic books for kids to help them on their way!


#6. Four Queens on Top

Before you perform this trick for your spectators, take four random cards from the pack and place the four Queens under them.

  • Keep these eight cards in your hand.
  • When your audience arrives hold the cards up showing only the first Queen and say these are the Queens and they are going to their castles.
  • Place the eight cards on top of the deck face down and say this is the first Queen and she is going to Windsor Castle.
  • Place this card, which your spectators think is the Queen, in a random place in the deck, this will of course not be the queen card but one of the random four you had hidden behind them.
  • Do the same with the following three cards.
  • When all the random cards have been placed in the pack say to your audience, the queens are rushing back for a Royal Ball!
  • Wave your hands above the deck and tap it hard on the table.
  • And amaze your spectators when the first four cards you lift from the deck are the four Queens.

#7. 11 Card Trick

Card Tricks for Kids - Mykidstime

For this trick you need a regular deck of cards. Remove one ace to represent the number 1, one joker, so you know if they have not moved any cards, and one of each card number up to 10. It doesn’t matter what suit you choose but you should now have eleven cards.

  • Lay them out face down, from left to right,  in this order – 6, 5 ,4, 3, 2, Ace, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7.
  • Ask a spectator to move cards, one at a time, from right to left.
  • Say they moved five cards, then the new set up would be – 8, 9, 10, Jack, Ace, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
  • If you start at the left and silently count seven cards in, turning over the 7th card, this card will be the amount of cards they moved over.
  • If they do not move any cards over the 7th card will be the joker so you will know that no cards have been moved.
  • Move the cards back in order to do the trick again. It will work every time!

#8. Three Card Prediction Trick

This is a great trick for your grand finale! Predict not one, not two, but three cards chosen at random by your audience. Watch below to see how it is done.

8 Easy Card Tricks for Kids to Delight and Amaze - MyKidsTime

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