10 Fun Family Bucket List Ideas

Jill Holtz

December 11, 2014

Bucket List Ideas

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With this year coming to an end you might be looking ahead to the New Year and deciding what you want to achieve. Why not create a family bucket list? Here are 10 fun family bucket list ideas:

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There are 365 days just waiting to be enjoyed, so here are ten fun things to try together next year:

#1. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

If you can’t venture abroad at the moment, you don’t have to head far from home to have a good time. Being a tourist in your own city is great fun and one of the best ways to help your kids appreciate where you live.

Try to do all the touristy things like visiting castles, museums, taking sightseeing tours and posing for pictures and you might be surprised at how much you enjoy yourselves.

Why not get the whole family taking pics as you go and create a fun family photo diary afterwards?

#2. Catch a Sunrise or a Sunset

With everything from computers to video games dominating our lives these days, it can be easy to hibernate indoors with a gadget. Doing so means you miss everything from spectacular sunshine to stunning sunsets, so try to get out and about more as a family and enjoy the great outdoors.

Why not get up super-early and watch the sun rise then head home for breakfast? Or take a picnic to the beach one evening and watch the sun set over the horizon.

More fun ideas for getting active outdoors.

#3. Take Up a New Sport

If you’re looking to spend quality time with your kids, taking up a new sport together could be the way forward. Family swimming sessions are always fun or you could do something more adventurous like canoeing or abseiling together.

Here are some handy articles on different sports: Football, Rugby, Taekwon-do, Swimming, Horse-Riding.

More fun bucket list ideas

#4. Go Ape

There’s something about swinging through trees and zip lining through the woods that brings people together. Such activities are not only fun but great for bonding and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

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#5. Go Camping

Never been camping before? Then 2015 is definitely the time to do it. There are many camp sites across the globe that are ideal for an adventure holiday with many located next to marvellous mountain ranges and beautiful beaches. Sound like fun? Then pack your tent, grab some marshmallows (to toast over the obligatory campsite fire) and experience a trip to remember.

You could tie in some camping with a music festival, many festivals are family friendly nowadays and have family camping options. Check out our tips for going to a music festival with kids.

And there’s plenty of glamping options nowadays if you’re not that keen on completly roughing it!

Lots more bucket list ideas

#6. Look for Shooting Stars

When you get those clear nights where it seems every planet in the universe can be seen, on evenings like this, take the opportunity to stand outside and look for shooting stars.

You might have to be patient but with a bit of luck, you’ll see one. Don’t forget to make a wish!

The Perseid Shower in August is a great time to catch shooting stars, in 2016 it will take place August 12-13.

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#7. Come Up with a New Fundraising Idea for a Charity

Giving back to the community or raising money for a particular cause can be highly rewarding. So, do some brainstorming and come up with a new fund raising idea for a charity that means a lot to your family.

How about a sponsored cake eating competition or sponsored silence – the crazier the idea, the better as you may catch other people’s attention especially nowadays with social media (think Ice Bucket Challenge!).

#8. Treat Yourselves to a Luxury Family Break

When was the last time you really treated yourselves? Life is short and a luxury family break can really recharge the batteries. Save up during the year for a blow out weekend / luxury family break.

Keep an eye out for special off-peak offers too as many top resorts need to fill their space during those times and you can snag a great deal if you can travel at less popular times.

Or just make it a weekend somewhere amazing and then combine it with a cheaper option afterwards so you get your longer holiday but a bit of luxury too.

#9. Explore a New Country

While we’re on the subject of holidaying, how about visiting a new country; somewhere completely different that you’ve always wanted to go to but have never been before? For some ideas have a read of 10 of the coolest and best vacation spots for kids and 10 more of the coolest and best vacation spots for kids.

Check out some of our fun free guides for things to do with kids around the world: Los AngelesEdinburgh, Dublin, Berlin and London.

If budget doesn’t allow then make it a fun exercise to research countries with the kids and combine it with our 10th suggestion below!

#10. Learn a New Language

It’s never been easier to learn a new language with apps for smartphones and tablets and online learning resources. Kids are sponges for languages too so get them to help you learn!

You can also tie in learning about culture, food and amazing places too while you practice the lingo. For example, a new list of world wonders has recently been revealed following a global poll. It features some of the best human-made marvels to have ever been created including the Great Wall of China and Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue. So you can be practising how to ask for directions!

photo credit: jvieras via photopin cc

Over to you now! What’s on your family bucket list? Tell us in the comments below.


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Like this? Share it with your network!

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