Download Your FREE 30 Day LEGO Challenge For Some Creative Fun!

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Have you got a LEGO nut in the house? We’ve got just the thing for them, it’s our 30 Day LEGO Challenge that you can download and enjoy! There are only 2 rules: 1) use your imagination and 2) have fun!

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We have always had LEGO in our house, I grew up with LEGO around, my two younger brothers had it. And now my two daughters have also enjoyed playing with LEGO.


Even though LEGO sets have come so far, with custom-made pieces and detailed instructions to follow to build amazing things, one of the best things about having LEGO around is that it encourages kids to be creative and build their own fabulous things.

Looking For More?

Give your creativity a boost with more than 50+ LEGO instructions and how-to videos that are sure to turn you into a Master Builder!


Take Our LEGO Challenge!

This fun LEGO challenge is free and easy, and perfect for brick-mad kids! All you need to do is download your free 30 Day LEGO Play Challenge here and print it out – that’s it!

Over the course of 30 days, build everything from a boat that floats and a space ship to a pirate ship and a marble run!


If your child has enjoyed our LEGO Challenge, then they might also like to try our LEGO game that needs nothing more than a dice and a selection of LEGO bricks.

Alternatively, try something new and give life to your LEGO creations with these nifty apps for making the stop motion LEGO movies.

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Did your kids enjoy our 30 Day LEGO Challenge? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Download Your FREE 30 Day LEGO Challenge For Some Creative Fun! - Mykidstime

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