10 Easy Peasy Baking Recipes for Kids to Inspire and Delight


February 13, 2019

Baking Recipes for Kids

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Cooking and baking with kids is fun and well worth the mess! Cupcakes are a firm favourite in my house, but why not let the kids try their hand at something new? Here are 10 easy peasy baking recipes for kids to inspire them and let their skills shine.

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Kids love to roll up their sleeves, don an apron and help out in the kitchen. Perhaps it’s the sweet results at the end, but baking is always a huge hit with my kids. I hope you enjoy experimenting as much as we did with these fantastic recipes.

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Easy Peasy Baking Recipes for Kids

#1. Quick and Easy Pizza

Recipes for Kids Home Made PizzaMy two young daughters (who have a better social life than me!) often have school friends over, so our house is a hive of activity. They all love pizza as a treat, but their tastes vary so much it is difficult to keep everyone happy, but I do have a trick up my sleeve.

I whip up my quick pizza dough recipe and give each child a ball of dough to shape as they wish. Or better still, let them make the dough. Leave out bowls of suitable toppings, tomato sauce and grated cheese so they can decorate. That way everyone wins!

#2. Fruit Crumb Bars

Baking Recipes for Kids

These delicious blueberry crumb bars can be whizzed up in the food processor. They are a delicious lunchbox treat and a tasty alternative to shop bought cereal bars.

If you fancy, the blueberries can be replaced by other fruits and you could even add nuts for extra bite. Enjoy!

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#3. Rory’s Sugar Cookies

Baking Recipes for Kids

Rory’s sugar cookies recipe was one of the worthy winners of our MyKidsTime Christmas cookie competition. Kids will enjoy baking these, and they are a perfect Valentine’s day dessert, but we’ll happily eat them any time of year!

#4. Chocolate Cherry Cake

Baking Recipes for Kids

Indulge in this delightful chocolate cherry cake. It is simple enough for your child to make, as all the ingredients can be mixed in a food processor and the mix is baked in one tin so there is no need for icing.

For family members with gluten allergies, you can have your cake and eat it as this recipe is gluten free. It would make a very pretty birthday cake or as a treat for a special occasion.

#5. Banana Bread

banana cake with chocolate chips

Banana Bread is an easy recipe for kids to try and it will help them to build confidence in their baking abilities. If you have any spotty bananas, make sure you save them for this recipe as it will make the banana flavour really pop.

Sliced it up and add it to their lunchbox, they’ll be so proud to show it off to their friends. It can also be frozen if you want to save it for a special occasion but you don’t have the time to bake.

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#6. Baked Cod

Baking Recipes for Kids

Okay this isn’t a sweet treat to bake, but this is a great recipe for when your children show an interest in cooking meals for the family.

The cod has a simple herb crust and only takes 15 minutes to bake in the oven once prepared. Serve it with vegetables and mashed potatoes for a complete family meal.

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#7. Chocolate Bar Blondies

Baking Recipes for Kids

Have you got leftover chocolate? It could be from an Easter egg or a selection box. Get creative and try these divine Chocolate Bar Blondies. It creates 16 large bars but it can be cut into smaller portions to make it last longer.

It does require you to melt the chocolate in advance so, depending on their age, your child may need some help with this part of the recipe.

#8. Superfood Flapjacks

Baking Recipes for Kids

Have you got an impatient baker? Try these Superfood Flapjacks which take only 15 minutes in the oven. They have earned their superfood name as they’re packed full of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, oats and dried fruit.

If you are stuck on a busy morning, they are just as nourishing as a bowl of cereal. Even inexperienced bakers will master them quickly, enjoy them hot or cold.

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#9. Breakfast Berry Muffins

Baking Recipes for Kids

A healthy alternative to cupcakes, these breakfast berry muffins are easy to make and can be filled with the fruit of your choice, fresh or frozen.

Although the name suggests that they are a breakfast item, you can obviously eat them whenever you want. They are particularly delicious still warm from the oven.

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#10. Easy Soda Bread

traditional recipe for soda bread

My kids love making easy soda bread using my mum’s recipe. It usually doesn’t get a chance to cool down before we all have a slice. Lucky for us, Granny makes the best homemade blackcurrant jam, which compliments it perfectly.

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Have your say! Do you have any other favourite baking recipes for kids you would recommend? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Baking recipes for kids

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