101 Fun Activities for Kids that Don’t Involve Screen Time

Jill Holtz

June 29, 2020

101 Fun Activities for Kids that Don't Involve Screen Time - Mykidstime

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Nowadays kids are so glued to technology, if you’re anything like us, you’re trying to find ideas for off-line activities to encourage a break from screen time. Here are 101 Fun Activities for Kids that Don’t Involve Screen Time:

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If you are looking for ideas for things that your child can do that are screen-free, we have put together this list of 101 ideas to help. From bird watching to secret codes to making gingerbread men, there’s something for all interests and ages.

Screen-Free and Fun Activities for Kids

We’ve compiled a free checklist for these ideas so you can work your way through them and keep track of all your favourites! You can download the screen-free fun activities for kids checklist in a printable pdf here.

  1. Go on a bug hunt
  2. Make a paper airplane that flies across the room
  3. Create a self-portrait
  4. Measure a tree
  5. Read a book
  6. Plant some seeds
  7. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  8. Make your own secret code
  9. #17. Create a weather station
  10. Make bubbles
  11. Dress up
  12. Create a time capsule
  13. Make marshmallows
  14. Make s’mores
  15. Create a collage out of magazines
  16. Make paper people
  17. Have a treasure hunt
  18. Run around the garden 10 times and time yourself
  19. Make a bird feeder
  20. Learn a new instrument
  21. Write a Haiku
  22. Make slime
  23. Draw a fun factory
  24. Have a scavenger hunt
  25. Make garden perfume
  26. Draw a comic book
  27. Paint a picture
  28. Have an arm wrestling match
  29. Make finger or sock puppets
  30. Colour a picture
  31. Play hopscotch
  32. Make honeycomb
  33. Draw your town
  34. Go on a nature hunt
  35. Go birdwatching
  36. Plant sunflowers
  37. Sort out your toys
  38. Make un shadows
  39. Play a game of Beggar My Neighbour
  40. Photograph a rainbow of things
  41. Make a fortune teller
  42. Create a Fairy Garden
  43. Make pizza dough
  44. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors
  45. Brush or walk the dog
  46. Bake cookies
  47. Make a family newspaper
  48. Make jelly/jello
  49. Learn a magic trick
  50. Write and put on a play
  51. Make a marble run
  52. Play solitaire (with cards)
  53. Wash the car
  54. Build a new LEGO creation
  55. Make a flick book
  56. Learn a card trick
  57. Go for a bike ride
  58. Make a smoothie
  59. Tidy your room
  60. Make mudpies
  61. Go on a sound hunt
  62. Do 25 star jumps or burpees
  63. Make play dough
  64. Paint a rock
  65. Sort out your LEGO
  66. Make some soup
  67. Sing a song
  68. Write a letter and post it
  69. Go on an alphabet hunt
  70. Make up a new dance
  71. Make a musical instrument
  72. Make ice lollies
  73. Practise napkin folding into new shapes
  74. Write your name in an ancient language
  75. Interview your grandma or grandpa
  76. Make invisible ink
  77. Create a fairy catalogue
  78. Make a miniature book
  79. Listen to a podcast or story
  80. Skip 100 times
  81. Play marbles
  82. Build an obstacle course
  83. Help make dinner
  84. Learn how to sew and try an easy sewing project
  85. Have a disco
  86. Help in the garden
  87. Write a short story in 100 words
  88. Build a card house
  89. Make lemonade
  90. Try blow art
  91. Draw your family tree
  92. Draw around your hands and add rings and a watch
  93. Fly a kite
  94. Make gingerbread men
  95. Make a sun catcher
  96. Look at old photo albums
  97. Make a milkshake
  98. Draw your dream house
  99. Learn how to knit and try an easy knitting project
  100. Jump on the trampoline 100 times
  101. Build a den or fort

101 Activities for Kids that Don't Involve Screen Time

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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