Making a Collage


Art games are fun and easy way to amuse the kids on a rainy day? Here’s the Mykidstime Guide to collage ideas and creation.

What you’ll need:

  • White or coloured card
  • Pens / crayons / glitter / ribbons / feathers / other craft items
  • As many unwanted magazines as you can find (good opportunity to clear out the kiddie magazines as well!)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

What you do:

  1. Cut out lots of pictures from the magazines.
  2. Have your child draw out a picture on the card that they want to create, e.g. a garden, sea scene, farm, zoo, house
  3. Glue the magazine pictures onto the card to create a collage.  Encourage your child to use pens and other craft items to decorate their collage.
  4. For older kids, mosaic projects are good fun, where you take a page of a magazine, cut it into small pieces and then glue onto paper or card again leaving a gap between the pieces to give the mosaic effect.  Or, alternatively, draw out the shape of something that will be filled in with different colours from magazine pieces, to make up a new mosaic shape.

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