CAO Change of Mind Deadline is Approaching – Has Your Teen Made the Right Choice?


April 21, 2022

CAO Change of mind deadline

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For many students, the decision has been made. But for others, the future is not so clear! There is still plenty of time for students to change their choices as the CAO Change of Mind deadline is July 1st 2022. So if your teen wants to consider different options, they still have time.

CAO Change of Mind Deadline 2022

When you’re parenting a teen and there are these new things that come along it can be a bit daunting to know how best to advise them.

Doing your college course applications is a big decision, but there’s time to change your mind. The online CAO Change of Mind deadline for 2022 is July 1st at 17.00.

For those students who are still unsure if they have made the correct course choices, this is an opportunity to look at alternatives they may not have considered.

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How Can Parents Help?

teen and mum leaving cert

A survey carried out by Smartfutures found that 51% of college students said their parents influenced their decision making, and that they’d advised their son or daughter, based on what they thought would suit their personality.

So, for example, if a parent holds any stereotypes about science and maths themselves (“It’s too difficult!” or “it’s not really for girls”) this can be picked up on and limit a student’s perceptions about what to consider.

Especially important for those having CAO change of mind conversations!

Discuss options with your teen and keep an open mind. Try not to steer them in the direction you feel they should be taking. The last thing you want after all is for them to start a course then drop out because they just aren’t into it.

Some parents decide to use a career advisor to help with choices at this point too.

Key CAO Dates to Be Aware of for 2022

  • 1st July 2022 – CAO change of mind deadline.
  • First week of July: Initial CAO offers (mature applicants and applicants who accepted and then deferred places in 2021) are made by post and online on and remain open for a week. Offers lapse if not accepted within a week.
  • End of July: The SEC will complete the standardisation process on the assessed grades submitted by schools.
  • TBC: Leaving Cert results. Once the results of the written papers become available in August, the SEC replaces assessed grades where the student secures a higher grade in a written paper. These combined results will then become the provisional results released to students by the SEC in mid-August.
  • Mid to late August 2022: 2022 grades go to schools, available through a secure online service at from noon. CAO releases Round One offers to candidates online. A week after the issuing of round one offers, the CAO will close off the option to accept that place. Within a few days the CAO releases Round Two offers to applicants.
CAO Change of Mind Deadline is Approaching - Has Your Teen Made the Right Choice - Mykidstime

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