MyKidsTime and Sustainability

Being as sustainable a business as we can be is very important to us. As a totally online business with a remote working team there are things that we can avoid doing that help our impact but of course we are also conscious that being online has a cost to the environment too.

Minimising our impact

Here are things that we do for our business to try to minimise our impact on the climate.

  • As a remote working team, since our foundation, we always keep in-person meetings to a minimum each year. This originally came about because many of our team have kids and it’s really tricky to get away when you have commitments like school drop off and pickups. But it has ended up being an environmentally friendly policy not to have everyone travel to meet. During COVID these all went online anyway.
  • We intend to keep most team meetings online as we emerge from COVID.
  • We hold online meetings where possible with our customers.
  • When we do have to travel to meet a customer or attend an event, we either use public transport where we can or car pool if more than one team member is going.
  • We try to avoid printing things – for example, we send our invoices to our partners electronically. All our business brochures are created in downloadable/emailable pdf format.
  • We recently reduced the amount of social media posts we do, this is because each tweet or instagram or facebook post has an energy cost for the data centre that houses that post/tweet.
  • We have been working actively to streamline our business processes using less energy to carry out key tasks
  • We recycle anything possible that is sent to our business – envelopes, packages, boxes.
  • We are constantly looking at examples of sustainable practices to see how we can incorporate and improve our own processes
  • Our website is designed to be super efficient and we make our images as small as possible to help avoid energy use.

Parents and our partners trust us and we want to uphold that trust by being an environmentally conscious business too.

Here’s our formal Environmental Sustainability Policy in pdf format.

We checked our website carbon footprint recently using and were pleased to find out we are 55% cleaner than average websites.

Carbon results

Carbon results

Carbon results

But we won’t rest on our laurels and will continue to do as much as we can to make our website efficient and low impact when it comes to energy use.