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fortnite game

Is Your Child Playing Fortnite? A Parent’s Guide

Is your child using phrases like "whitening about the approaching storm" or talking about The Bubble? Have you heard of Fortnite? Is your child...
facebook personal data

How To Check What Data Facebook Has On You

The recent Cambridge Analytics/Facebook story about how information on Facebook users was being used to profile and run ads for political campaigns had us...
omegle logo lead

Omegle: A Parent’s Guide

Is your tween or teen using the Omegle website? I just came across it recently and I've been looking into what it's all about....
youtube kids parental controls

Here’s How To Set Up YouTube Kids Parent Controls

Does your child watch YouTube Kids? Do you worry how easy it is for them to start watching other content that you are not...
child tracker watch

Is Your Child Using a Tracker Watch? Beware! It May Be Hackable

A British security research firm has found that children's tracker watches have weak security and may be easily hacked. If your child is using a...