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secret teen codes

How Many of These 127 Secret Teen Codes Do You Know?

Are you a parent of a tween or teen texting or messaging using Snapchat, Instagram and other social media channels or messenger services? You...

The Sarahah App: a Parent’s Guide

Is your teen using the Sarahah app? I just came across it recently and I've been looking into what it's all about. Originating in Saudi... app

The App: a Parent’s Guide

Is your tween or teen using the app? My tween asked for permission to use it recently and I've been looking into what...

5 Ways To Help You Navigate the Terrible Teens

There is a reason why parents refer to the teenage years as the “terrible teens”. This phase of your kids life involves raging hormones,...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Marketing to Mums: Insights on Smart Devices, Content and Social

We ran an online survey of parents in December 2015 asking their views on Smart devices, content and social media. Here's our new infographic with...

What We Think of Co-Schedule for our Content and Social Management: part 1

We have been trialling CoSchedule for the last few weeks at Mykidstime for our content and social media management, here's what we think of...

A Parent’s Guide to Social Media Sites Popular with Kids

Do you know what social media sites your kids use? Do you monitor their online activity? Edustaff have created a visual parent's guide to social...