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chocolate christmas cake

The Ultimate (Easy!) Chocolate Christmas Cake Recipe

Fancy a change from the traditional fruit Christmas cake? Why not try this absolutely delicious ultimate chocolate christmas cake recipe instead? I promise you it's...
Oreo Truffles Recipe

Quick and Tasty Oreo Truffles Recipe

Are you looking for a special party treat recipe? Or a bake sale standby? This quick and tasty Oreo Truffles Recipe will leave guests wanting...

How to Make Polar Bear Marshmallows Perfect for Christmas Hot Chocolate

Aren't these polar bear marshmallows so cute?! Here's how to make marshmallow polar bears, perfect for Christmas Hot Chocolate. Sign up for our free Newsletter stuffed...
chocolate chip cookies

Marlene’s Deliciously Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The blanched almond flour gives these cookies a delicious ‘buttery’ taste. As well as being vegan, these cookies are also gluten-free. Here is my...
chocolate bark

How to Make Chocolate Bark

We tried out chocolate bark recently and I have to say it's a super easy recipe to make. All you need is chocolate and...
Chickpea chocolate chip cookies

Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes you read that correctly, chickpea chocolate chip cookies! The great thing about these cookies, apart from the fact that they take about 5...
easy banana cake Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Easy Banana Cake with Chocolate Chips

A vegan family member made this cake for us and it was so delicious I begged for the recipe. It's so easy to make...
This Butlers Chocolate and Pear Pudding is a Chocoholic's Dream! - Mykidstime

This Butlers Chocolate and Pear Pudding is a Chocoholic’s Dream!

Are you looking for a tasty dessert recipe that all the family will love? Picture a rich chocolate brownie-like sponge that's gooey and warm...