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when child is anxious about starting school

Tried and Tested Tips on Making School Uniforms Last Longer

With the kids back to school and school uniforms making up a large % of back to school costs, we wanted to share some...
back to school routine

Simple Ways To Get Back Into The School Routine Quickly

The school holidays are great, but they do tend to mess up routines. If your house is anything like mine, bedtime has gone out...
online parenting course

QUICK! Grab Online Parenting Course BEHAVE for $47 instead of $87

Koemba Parenting are offering their online parents course BEHAVE - The Mindful Parenting Solution, for only $47 instead of $87 if you buy before the...
benefits of performing arts

7 Helpful Benefits of Performing Arts for Your Child

Taking part in a Performing Arts class can help boost your child's confidence in a safe and fun environment. Even the most shy child...
places to see dinosaurs in Ireland

10 Terrific Places to See Dinosaurs in Ireland

One day my kid wants to be a Lottie doll, the next a scientist and most recently she wants to be a palaeontologist. She...