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Mykidstime questions to ask kids about the day at school

40 Fun Questions to Ask Kids About Their Day at School

Do your kids come out of school and develop amnesia about their day? Mine does! You can engage your child and find out a...
Accessible shoes for special needs

These Accessible Shoes for Kids with Special Needs are Genius!

Finding accessible shoes for kids with special needs can be a real challenge, but just look at how functional (and fun) these shoes are!Sign...
hazelwood sligo

Don’t Miss These Places to See Amazing Autumn Leaves Ireland

As Autumn arrives, one of the pleasures of this season is seeing the trees turning from summer green to reds, oranges, and yellows. While...
omega 3s essential to family health

The Truth About Omega-3s: Essential For You And Your Family

Keeping the family healthy and fit is a full time job for parents. Anything that can help  everyone from Mum and Dad to teens...
Baboro 2019

Look What’s On At Baboró 2019 International Arts Festival for Children

The 2019 Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is on this October 14th to 20th and the programme is bursting with extraordinary stories from...