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homework station

How to Keep Your Kids Focused With A Homework Station

Are you finding homework time an effort? Do your kids find it hard to shut out the world around them and focus on getting...
girl doing homework

You’ll Love This Teacher’s Homework Policy

Do you sometimes feel homework is just a battleground and takes far too much of your child's time? In my experience, kids are tired...

We Blab With The Maths Tutor about Helping with Math Homework

We enjoyed a recent Blab with Eamonn Toland, founder of TheMathsTutor.ie. Watch the interview and listen to Eamonn's useful advice for parents on how to...
math homework help

5 Top Tips For Math Homework Help

Unless you are one of life's minorities that enjoy mathematics, math homework can pose more problems than any other subject. Eamonn from TheMathsTutor.ie gives 5...
improve concentration

7 Best Ways to Help Improve Concentration in Your Child

Concentration is the raw ingredient that gets stuff done, but being able to concentrate is far from straight forward. It can be an elusive...