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How to Keep Your Kids Focused With A Homework Station

Are you finding homework time an effort? Do your kids find it hard to shut out the world around them and focus on getting...
Anxious Teen writing down worries

How to Make Homework Shorter and Keep You And Your Child Happy

As we head back into another school year the dreaded homework will start all too soon, if it hasn't already begun! We asked our...
child studying

How to Motivate a Child to Study Without Forcing Them

Has your child been loath to study and learn? Do you find it hard to motivate them to get started with their studies? Force...
How to help with homework

Practical Tips for Parents: How to Help With Homework

Are you having homework struggles with your child? Is it becoming a chore that you both end up dreading? Sheila O'Malley of Practical Parenting...
how to get your child to focus for homework

How to Get Your Child to Pay Attention for Homework

It’s the start of a New Year and your kids are probably all coming down off an epic sugar high and are adjusting to...
helping with homework

[WATCH] Tips for Parents on Helping With Homework

Homework can be a real struggle for both kids and parents, but there are definitely some things you can do to make it easier....
girl doing homework how to make homework shorter

You’ll Love This Teacher’s Homework Policy

Do you sometimes feel homework is just a battleground and takes far too much of your child's time? In my experience, kids are tired...

We Blab With The Maths Tutor about Helping with Math Homework

We enjoyed a recent Blab with Eamonn Toland, founder of Watch the interview and listen to Eamonn's useful advice for parents on how to...