5 Top Tips For Math Homework Help

Jill Holtz

October 4, 2018

math homework help

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Unless you are one of life’s minorities that enjoy mathematics, math homework can pose more problems than any other subject. Eamonn from TheMathsTutor.ie gives 5 Top Tips for Math Homework Help to try make homework a whole lot easier (as easy as 1+1=2!) for both parent and child:

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Tackling maths with your child can sometimes be tricky if you are not the most numerical yourself. So here are some tips to help.

5 Top Tips For Math Homework Help

#1. Work Through Textbook Examples First

If you work though the textbook examples first with your child, it helps them to understand the theory and methods before attempting exercises. Get them to try the example question on their own, and you then have a reference point for the method if they do get stuck.

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#2. Start With The Easy Exercises

Start with the easier exercise and build up to the trickier ones. Take a step back to earlier material if need be – it’s better in the long run to have a firm foundation.

#3. Change It Up

Try video lessons for multi-sensory learning and a different point of view. Textbooks are great but most students respond really well to screen-based audio-visual learning.

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#4. Ask An Expert

Go online and post a question to get help. A simple tip or comment from an expert can bring about that “aha!” moment, and open the door to the next level of understanding.

E-learning and accessing support online is the norm now at third level and many secondary schools, so it’s good for students to get into this way of learning.

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#5. Always Encourage Your Child

Encourage your child to make an honest attempt at every question. It might help to unlock the problem, and even if they don’t solve it completely, it’s always much better than leaving a blank.

It’s important to nurture persistence and problem-solving skills, for maths, for exams and for life!

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Maths Tutor Offer HeaderTheMathsTutor.ie gives you the peace of mind of knowing your kids are being supported with their school-work for the full year.

And with additional video lessons based on past exam questions and official sample papers, you can be sure they will be ready and confident for their Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exams!

Over to you now! Do you have any other advice for math homework help? Tell us in the comments below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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