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rainbow activities for kids

Colourful Rainbow Activities For Kids Guaranteed To Cheer Everyone Up

There's something about rainbows that makes people happy, smile and feel good when they see them. In anxious times we definitely need these colourful...
Rainbow Scavenger Hunt Lead - Mykidstime

Download Your FREE Fun Rainbow Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Have you ever been on a rainbow colour hunt? It's a great way to get the kids active and exploring. You can get started...
Rainbow desserts and treats

28 Fun Rainbow Desserts, Cakes and Treats to Brighten Your Day

There's something inherently fun about rainbows, and bringing that playfulness to food can be a great way to introduce new flavours and tastes to...
homemade slime

Fluffy, Rainbow and Glow in the Dark! 10 Easy Homemade Slime Recipes

The craze for slime shows no signs of abating so if your child is looking for some new slime recipes to make, we've got...

28 Wonderful Rainbow Inspired Activities for Kids to Do

If we are very lucky a rain shower will delight us with a beautiful rainbow! Rainbows can happen at anytime, but often disappear as fast as they...
Jelly bean rainbow cake recipe

Kids Cake Ideas: Jellybean Rainbow Cake Recipe

If you are looking for the ultimate show-stopping cake, this layered rainbow cake recipe is the perfect choice. Discover how to make your own...