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#1 One of our most read articles last week on our blog was Are Your Kids Mad for Squishies? Parents Warned About Toxic Toys. The fad for Squishies has become a hot topic with parents who lament spending their cash on those brightly coloured foam shapes. Now parents are being warned about possible toxic chemicals in these popular toys. This is essential reading for parents if your kids are mad for Squishies. 

#2 Competition Time! January’s always a tough month after Christmas spending so to help we’re giving away a 100 euro groceries voucher! This month we are interested in your views on what we send out by email to parents and we’d like to hear your feedback. Please take our quick survey and one lucky reader will win a voucher for the supermarket of the winner’s choice to the value of €100.

#3 We’ve created a fun LEGO game that junior LEGO fans might like! Throw a dice then either add to your LEGO tower (or lose bricks) as you go round the game board, the person with the biggest tower by the end of the game wins! Print off your free game and all you need are some lego blocks and a dice to play!

#4 Need some slow cooker inspo? Here are 15 ideas to get you going! A slow cooker is a must in any house, but especially for a busy family household. They can be so versatile and needn’t be expensive at all, and because you are cooking dishes for longer, you can buy cheaper cuts of meat, thus saving you money in the long run.

#5 Take our 52 Week Savings Challenge, get in the habit and net yourself 500! Family budgeting can be tricky at the best of times, what with all the costs you have to cover. Then you’ve got family occasions throughout the year such as Back to School, Birthdays and Christmas to cover. To help we have created a 52 Week Savings Challenge that will net yourself 500 at the end if you stick to it! Putting a little aside each week is a good way to save as you can usually budget a bit out of that week. Our 52 Week Savings Challenge starts off small, builds up in the middle, then tapers off again – we had Christmas in mind if you are starting this in January. As you work your way through the 52 weeks you’ll really start to feel good about the nest egg you’re building up. 

#6 Our 2019 Charity of the Year vote is open! We have 20 worthy charities nominated by parents on our shortlist. Vote for our 2019 Mykidstime Charity of the Year!