Mykidstime Competition Winners 2019

Mykidstime competition winners

Well done to all our recent competition winners! Visit our Competitions section to see what we’re currently giving away.

March 2019

WonderKids Magazine & Subscription Box
Ray R, Donegal

€250 voucher for M&S Ireland
Fiona C, Cork

Lego Movie 2 Merchandise
Kerri O’D, Cork
Elaine McG, Galway
Emily P, Cork
Jennifer K, Cork

Copy of new kids book The Dufflers
Marie McB, Dublin
Ciara O’M, Cork
Lynne O’M, Wexford
Theresa G, Dublin

Chateau la Forêt Family Holiday
Triona F, Meath

€25 voucher for The Little Wooden Peg
Margaret N, Cork

February 2019

Books and Charms Book Boxes
Claire H, Kilkenny and David O’B, Dublin

Family Pass to Sing With Me
Jenni C, Dublin

VIP Family Pass to PERFORM
Denise W, Kildare

Cool Food School Kids Utensils Set
Catherine K, Galway

€100 Groceries Voucher
Siobhan S, Kerry

January 2019

Colourful Kite
Jane T

Lego Movie 2 Premiere Family Passes
Clare N, Emma K, Isabel B, Carol B

Spire 361 training kit 
Toni M, Dublin

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