10 More Good Books for Kids Every Home Should Have

Jill Holtz

August 1, 2018

10 more good books for kids child-reading-with-parent

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Following on from our popular list of 10 Great Stories For Kids You Should Have In Your Home, we asked Mykidstime parents to recommend their favourite books, loved by their child. Here are 10 More Good Books for Kids Every Home Should Have:

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Reading to your child is one of life’s pleasures. They cuddle up beside you whether it’s on the sofa or in their bed, and they listen to your voice as you read a book to them. These books for kids have been highly recommended by parents.

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Good Books for Kids Every Home Should Have

#1. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo is much beloved in our house. Young readers love lifting the flaps to discover the animals the zoo has sent – a monkey, a lion, and even an elephant! But will they ever find the perfect pet? With bright, bold artwork, a catchy refrain, and a whole host of favorite animals, Dear Zoo is a must for our list!

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#2. The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

the tiger who came to tea

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a classic story of Sophie and her extraordinary tea-time guest which has been loved by millions of children since it was first published fifty years ago. The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea.

Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don’t expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger!

#3. The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

the magic faraway tree

The Magic Faraway Tree tells the story of Joe, Beth and Frannie who find an Enchanted Wood on their doorstep when they move to a new home. And when they discover the Faraway Tree, it proves to be the beginning of many magical adventures!

They meet and make friends with characters such as Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silky the Fairy as they discover which new land is at the top of the Faraway Tree. Will it be the Land of Spells, the Land of Treats, or the Land of Do-As-You-Please?

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#4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

the very hungry caterpillar

Apparently every 30 seconds a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is sold around the world! A big favourite in our household, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a much-loved picture book that follows a caterpillar’s week while he eats through a range of foods in preparation for his hibernation and subsequent appearance as a beautiful butterfly.

With its vivid illustrations and lots of fun holes to explore, this is a satisfying book for young children.

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#5. The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

the kissing hand

Another book that got several recommendations is The Kissing Hand, the story of Chester Raccoon who does not want to start school. To help ease Chester’s fears, Mrs. Raccoon shares a family secret called the Kissing Hand to give him the reassurance of her love any time his world feels a little scary. A good one for kids starting preschool or school.

#6. The Bear Under the Stairs by Helen Cooper

the bear under the stairs

The Bear Under the Stairs also came recommended by several parents. William is scared of the place under the stairs. He is absolutely sure there’s a great big and probably hungry grizzly bear lurking there.

He is utterly convinced that the bear will gobble him up if he doesn’t feed it, so every day he carefully opens the door, throws in some food and slams it shut quickly – wham, bang, thump! Find out what happens when a nasty smell pervades the house and Mum and William decide to investigate …

#7. A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond

A Bear called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington is definitely on our list. Paddington, the bear from Darkest Peru is a classic character. The Browns first meet Paddington on a railway station – Paddington station, in fact. He has travelled all the way from Darkest Peru with only a jar of marmalade, a suitcase and his hat.

The Browns soon find that Paddington is a very unusual bear. Ordinary things – like having a bath, travelling underground or going to the seaside become quite extraordinary, if a bear called Paddington is involved!

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#8. Sally and the Limpet by Simon James

Sally and the Limpet

Another book that was read over and over in our house, Sally and the Limpet is the heartwarming story about a little girl who learns an important environmental lesson.

When Sally pulls a limpet off a rock at the beach, it sticks to her finger – and nothing she, her family or her friends do can unstick it. Sally’s teacher says that limpets live on the same rock for twenty years. Will Sally ever get the limpet off her finger?

#9. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

the gruffalo

Loads of parents recommended The Gruffalo, one of Julia Donaldson’s most popular children’s picture books. A mouse is taking a stroll through the deep, dark wood when along comes a hungry fox, then an owl, and then a snake. The mouse is good enough to eat but smart enough to know this, so he invents . . . the gruffalo!

As Mouse explains, the gruffalo is a creature with terrible claws, and terrible tusks in its terrible jaws, and knobbly knees and turned-out toes, and a poisonous wart at the end of its nose. But Mouse has no worry to show. After all, there’s no such thing as a gruffalo. . . .

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#10. Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

charlotte's web

Charlotte’s Web is the story of a little girl named Fern who loves a little pig named Wilbur – and of Wilbur’s dear friend Charlotte A. Cavatica, a beautiful large grey spider who lives with Wilbur in the barn. With the help of Templeton, the rat who never did anything for anybody unless there was something in it for him, and by a wonderfully clever plan of their own, Charlotte saves the life of Wilbur, who by this time had grown up to be quite a pig.

Have your say! Any more good books for kids that are favourites in your house? Tell us in the comments below.

10 More Good Books for Kids

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