Are Liquid Motion Bubblers the new Fidget Spinners?

Jill Holtz

June 18, 2018

liquid motion bubbler lead

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Kids went crazy last year for fidget spinners, the calming toys quickly becoming the new It toy for kids of all ages. So what’s new for 2018 that could replace them? Have you heard of Liquid Motion Bubblers? Here’s why Liquid Motion Bubblers could be the new Fidget Spinners:

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What are Liquid Motion Bubblers?

liquid motion bubbler blueLiquid Motion Bubblers are gadgets, kind of like mini Lava Lamps, where different coloured drops or bubbles fall from the top liquid reservoir to the bottom.

Gravity causes the colored droplets to travel down the liquid at slow motion space. It’s basically the phenomena of liquid dynamics in the form of a fun and soothing display.

Most of the Bubblers are like hourglasses that you can flip over and watch the liquid elements inside squeeze, slip and float serenely to the bottom. The droplets appear to change shape as they fall slowly.

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Why do They Help with Stress or Therapy?

The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours.

These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills and because they have slow and rhythmic drops there’s a very relaxing effect which can help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues soothing them and helping them to stay focused.

Because you can flip them over and start again, they give endless hours of calming entertainment. Just like a stress ball or fidget spinner, they don’t run out of energy. They are great as therapy toys and even stress relief toys.

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Where Can I Get Liquid Motion Bubblers?

Liquid Motion Bubblers are available from and, and we predict you’ll see them appearing in stores everywhere soon.

Who knew studying density could be so calming?!

Over to you now. Have you bought a Liquid Motion Bubbler for your child? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Are Liquid Motion Bubblers the new Fidget Spinners

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