Download Our FREE Late Late Toy Show Bingo (There’s One For Everyone…)


Ah the Late Late Toy Show, a festive institution here in Ireland. What theme will the opening number have? What Christmas jumper will Tubs be wearing? Which amazing child prodigy will we gasp at? For a bit of craic, we’ve created our very own Late Late Toy Show Bingo. Download our FREE Late Late Toy Show Bingo (There’s One For Everyone…)

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It’s nearly that time again. The night when every house in Ireland tunes in to RTE’s Late Late Toy Show. Pyjamas, sweets, and hot chocolate are the order of the day – and, if your kids are anything like my daughter, I always have a notepad to make a note of the new things to add to the Christmas list…!


I’ll be watching to see if any of our Hot Toys For Christmas predictions make it onto the show too.

late late toy show bingoThere are some constants on the Show, things that always happen, so we’ve put them all onto our free LLTS Bingo sheet – download and tick off when you spot these or hear them.

And of course the first person to shout Bingo gets an extra Quality Street chocolate! Not that we’re saying we parents should be competitive or anything!

Download Your FREE Late Late Toy Show Bingo Sheet here

Happy playing!

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Did you play our Late Late Toy Show Bingo? Were you a winner? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Download Our Free Late Late Toy Show Bingo (There's One For Everyone...)



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