Kids & Teens will Love The Virtual Reality Games & Experiences at Future Shock


April 4, 2018

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Kids & teens will love the virtual reality games & experiences at Future Shock. a Virtual Reality Games and Experiences Hub in Smithfield, Dublin. With more than 40 virtual reality games and experiences to choose from, it is the perfect way to entertain the kids for an afternoon or as a party experience, in the heart of Dublin. 

Founded in 2017, the objective of Future Shock is to give everyone access to the best quality virtual reality games and experiences equipment for a fun, age appropriate activity with a difference.

Virtual Reality Games and Experiences

future shock google earth virtual reality games and experiences

Each participant will be fully immersed into their chosen Virtual Reality game or experience, from taking a stroll around Toyko, Paris or New York or checking out famous landmarks with Google Earth VR or wielding a light saber in a planet far far away or diving beneath the ocean in The Blu VR experience or trying out different jobs in Job Simulator VR. You can even adopt your very own pet in The Lab VR game!

Fun, Physical Activity for All Ages

Future Shock The Blu Virtual Reality games

Before you worry that this is just more screen time, this is not sitting in front of a screen, once you don your headset be prepared for a physical workout as your friends cheer you on.

Each booth accommodates up to 4 people and one person will use the headset while the others get an insight into the Virtual Reality world with them by watching play on a handy monitor. You can compete in single player high scores games or book another booth to take on team based challenges with a multiplayer booking.

Virtual Reality Games & Experience Parties

Future Shock Virtual Reality Games HubFor larger groups or parties of up to 40, several booths can be booked together or you can rent the entire space. The minimum age for all players is 8+ and your virtual reality experience can be booked in advance.

Follow Future Shock on social media to avail of special offers and learn about events taking place.


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