Raising Baby Yoda Shows the Hilarious Reality of Parenting

Jill Holtz

December 7, 2020

Raising Baby Yoda

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If you’ve been enjoying The Mandalorian series on Disney+ with the adorable Baby Yoda character, you’ll love this humorous Raising Baby Yoda fan film which definitely shows a fun behind the scenes look at the reality of parenting!

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Parenting is a tough gig, and when you’re new to raising a wee one, it’s tricky getting to grips with all the things like changing them, making sure they are fed, nap times, etc. We think you’ll enjoy this quick comedy watch, with lots of moments for parents (single or otherwise) to smile at.

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Take a Look at Raising Baby Yoda

Raising Baby Yoda

Comedy YouTube channel The Warp Zone has created a short film entitled Raising Baby Yoga. The funny film takes a look at what raising Baby Yoda is really like for The Mandalorian protagonist, Din Djarin.

As he grapples with feeding, changing nappies, trying to organise babysitters and more, it’s styled like a mini reality TV movie, with clips of Mando at home and out and about with his adopted son.

The makers said they were inspired by the hit Disney+ series, and “wanted to take a more in-depth look at what being a Dad to Baby Yoda must be like. At the end of the day, Din Djarin is just a bounty hunter doing the best he can to make ends meet and raise this peculiar child.”

During the short film, Mando says wistfully, “One minute you’re flying solo, hunting the worst of the worst at the ass-end of the Outer Rim and the next minute, POOF! You’re saddled with a little green thing. That on top of all your other responsibilities, you have to keep it fed, and clean, and….alive.”

Raising Baby Yoda

The Realities of Raising Baby Yoda

Feeding Baby Yoda proves a messy affair, but at least Mando can wipe off his armour – however, even the best Beskar armour can’t protect him against the smell of a really bad nappy!

In one scene as he creeps up on his bounty prey, Baby Yoda appears next to him gurgling and laughing, putting him off the hunt.

In another scene, we hear him on the phone to the babysitter. As most parents know, getting a reliable babysitter is tricky!

There’s even a run in with a “Karen” as Mando is forced to take an extra job to help pay for the cost of bringing up Baby Yoda.

But wait until you see the drawing that Baby Yoda makes of himself and “dad”. Aw… we can all identify with those moments when your child does something that makes all the tough stuff totally worth it.

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Raising Baby Yoda Shows the Hilarious Reality of Inter-Galactic Parenting - Mykidstime

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