WATCH: Like a Dyslexic


Are you struggling with a child who has dyslexia? Are they feeling isolated and rejected? Then watch this motivational video created by a 12 year old dyslexic and see what it’s really like to be “like a dyslexic“!

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No matter who you are or where you come from, know that anything is possible! That is the message from an incredible 12 year old girl who made a video about the frustrations encountered with initially been a dyslexic but then illustrating how many people have gone on to succeed. To get her message out there – she sent it to Richard Branson, he himself a dyslexic and he shared it. It’s a wonderful motivational display of all types of accomplished people, (many famous ones) from all walks of life. You will be surprised by who you will see here. You will succeed like a dyslexic!

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