Why Kano Computer Kits are Cool for Kids

kano computer kits

Have you heard of computers that kids can build themselves? James from Kano tells us all about this amazing new product and why Kano Computer kits are cool for kids

What is it?

Kano is a computer that anyone can make, starting by assembling the hardware and then writing games from scratch that teach kids to build, learn and create through code.

Who is it for?

Kano is aimed at kids of all ages, but it is perfectly designed for kids between the ages of 6 and 12.


Why is it different?

kano computer kitsKano aims to combine childhood creativity with the power that stems from digital devices.

As Coding becomes the modern language of creativity, Kano allows kids to learn and build using code from an early age

Tell us in 5 words why should we should buy a Kano

A computer anyone can make!
kano logo black

Kano is an award winning computer that any kid can build themselves. They are led through the process, first by building the hardware, setting up the computer, and building games from scratch; from retro games like Pong to modern hits like Minecraft.

Kano computer kits are available to purchase online at www.kano.me with worldwide shipping available.

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