Why Zip & the Misty Mountain Can Improve Concentration in Kids

Caroline Kelly

January 3, 2016

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Looking to improve concentration in your child? Irish company Cortechs have recently launched a new game, Zip & The Misty Mountain, which helps kids improve their attention span through brain-powered play. It’s also good for kids with attention deficit difficulties. Áine, CEO of Cortechs, tells us all about their new game. 

What is it?

zip (1)We combine neuroscience (as brainwave sensing technology) with fun, healthy games to teach your brain activity to become more focused and relaxed.

Our brain training game Zip and the Misty Mountain teaches a child with attention difficulties to improve their focus through brain-powered play. Our games can retrain your brainwaves to become more focused.

While our main priority is to help children with attention difficulties, we deliver a game that is fun for all children that teaches them how to improve their concentration while having fun with brain powered play.

Children use these fun and engaging games with cool, funky, brainwave sensing headset to train their brains to become more attentive. We use brainwaves and games to deliver an alternative solution to the many parents seeking tools to access and improve brain power by science-backed healthy gaming.

Who is it for?

Our current game is called Zip and the Misty Mountain and is made specifically for children aged 6 to 12 years old.

Why is it different?

focusometerAs a neuroscientist, our CEO understands the science of what works and what doesn’t work for your brain.  Recent studies have looked at how children’s brains respond to focus and show just how easily distracted the brain is and how challenging it is for many young children to stay focused on a task.

The inability to stay focused, particularly prevalent but not limited to those with ADHD, has become more commonplace across all younger generations in an always-on world.

The upside is that our brains can develop their skills to ignore such distractions and become more focused, creative and productive. This is where training your brain to focus plays its part.

Think of your brain as a muscle and focus using your brainwaves with our game as the workout needed for it to grow more attentive and productive. The more you train your brain to focus, the easier it becomes to become and remain focused.

Tell us in 5 words why we should buy

Brain-powered play makes focusing fun!

If you would like to find out more about Cortechs, you can find them on through Facebook, Twitter or their website.

PS – If you would like a chance to win a copy of Zip & The Misty Mountains and Headset Bundle for Android devices check out our competition!

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