Our Mykidstime Charity of the Year 2016 is…

Jill Holtz

February 1, 2016

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And the winner of our vote for the 2016 Mykidstime Charity of the Year is…

Well actually we have made the unprecedented decision to allow the top 2 charities in the vote to be joint winners this year.  Ben & Jake Connolly Trust and MSD Action Foundation / Saving Dylan are hereby announced to be the 2016 Mykidstime Charities of the Year.

The voting was just so close all along and we know how much this means to the charities.

MSD Action Foundation / Saving Dylan

MSD Action Foundation supports promising international research for MSD. Funding is urgently needed to push research forward and stop this rapidly degenerative and fatal disease. Time is of the essence; your help is urgently needed to give the gift of life to children with Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency. Without your kind donation, research advancements for MSD treatments will not happen.

Dylan Finglas is a happy, beautiful little 3 year old boyToday Dylan smiles, laughs, enjoys playing, interacts, he can feed himself and he is not in any pain nor does he receive any medication. He is beginning to show minor signs of the disease. Without something to stop this devastating illness, most children don’t get to see their 10th birthday.

Website: www.savingdylan.com

Find them on Facebook: SavingDylanFinglas

Follow them on Twitter: @savingdylan_com

Ben & Jake Connolly Trust

Ben and Jake Connolly are two brothers who were born with a rare syndrome that only affects boys called Allan Herndon Dudley Syndrome. They are missing the cell that allows the thyroid hormone through to their brain which causes a lack of myelin around the wiring of their brain this slows down or causes mixed messages from the brain which causes them severe developmental delay, low muscle tone – they are floppy like a rag doll and are unable to sit unaided or support their own head, they are both tube fed.

A legal charitable Trust has been created in Ben and Jake’s name to raise funds to build a house fully adaptable to their current and future medical needs. The house built will be in Ben and Jake’s name only and after they have passed away will be given to a related charity such as Laura Lynn.

Sadly Jake Connolly died on January 22nd 2016.


By now, many of you know of the sad passing of little Jake. May he rest in peace. In order to give the Connolly family breathing space & time to grieve their huge loss, this page is being administered by the Committee & Trust members for now. This is a long enough post but please bear with us! We are now determined MORE THAN EVER BEFORE to honour the memory of this cherished child by getting the house built for Ben. However, we feel it must be stressed that this is not a “forever home” for the family. This specially adapted house will be passed back to the community when Ben joins his little brother. This is a difficult but pragmatic issue to put across: the sad truth is that children with the Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome have a short life expectancy. This house will forever be linked to Ben & Jake, but will be a home with a big heart for other families in years to come. Please do bear this in mind.The sod will be turned in the coming weeks but we still have less that half the funds necessary. Take a look at our slideshow where you will see some pictures of the efforts people have put in to help us thus far. Amazing people.So please, once again we turn to you our wonderful followers, supporters & friends. Share this, tag it, like it & donate if you can. There are lots of ways to do this:Go to the boys’ webpage http://www.benandjakeconnollytrust.com/donate where you can donate via PayPal (you don’t even need a PayPal account) or all major cards. There you will find also details of the Trust bank account. Maybe you would prefer to do a text donation. Please text BENANDJAKE to 57802 (texts cost €2. A minimum of €1.38 will go to the Trust fund. Service Provider Phonovation Ltd. Helpline 0818 217100)Thank you everyone. On behalf of the family, thank you also for your ongoing expressions of sympathy. The Connolly & Farrell families take huge solace from your support.Thanks to bensound.com for the soundtrack.

Posted by Ben and Jake Connolly Trust on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Website: www.benandjakeconnollytrust.com

Find them on Facebook: Ben-and-Jake-Connolly-Trust-710975262267193

Thanks to everyone who voted, here are the final results:

Grab of Final Vote Totals

All other charities received less than 1% of the total overall vote.

These are all worthy charities that help and support children and families so we ask you to keep them in mind this year when donating to charity.

PS 2017 Charity Vote nominations will open in December 2016

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