11 of the Best Frozen Party Food Ideas for a Cool Time

Frozen party food ideas

Got a Frozen fanatic in your house with a birthday coming up? Here are 11 of the Best Frozen Party Food Ideas for a Cool Time guaranteed to make sure you have the easiest to organise Frozen Party ever!

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#1. Olaf Cheese Strings

Make Olaf Cheese Strings by taking cheese strings and drawing eyes, nose mouth and buttons on with sharpies

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#2. Snowman Donuts

Do you want to build a… Set up a decorating station with mini donuts, orange M&Ms and chocolate chips and let them build a snowman.

frozen party food ideas


#3. Frozen Popcorn Snowballs

These Popcorn Snowballs look delicious and are easy to make.

frozen party food ideas


You might find these 8 of the coolest Frozen birthday cakes ever useful.

#4. Olaf Noses

The simplest idea: Carrot sticks=Olaf Noses. You could serve a “snow” dip eg Ranch dressing or a bit of garlic mayo.

frozen party food ideas

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#5. Anna’s Frozen Hearts

Strawberries dipped in chocolate become Anna’s Frozen Hearts.

frozen party food ideas


Make a pretty Elsa Cake with these Instructions for an Elsa from Frozen Cake

#6. Sven’s Antlers

Sven’s Antlers are actually mini pretzels!

frozen party food ideas


#7. Elsa’s Frozen Fractal Cookies

Elsa’s Frozen Fractal Sugar Cookies used a sugar cookie dough divided into 4 and tinted with different blues. Pretty and delicious looking.

frozen party food ideas


#8. Melted Olaf

This fun idea for a party snack uses veggie dip at the bottom of a clear shot glass with a baby carrot, pretzel sticks and two olives added. The kids will eventually get why it’s called “Melted Olaf”!

frozen party food ideas


#9. Elsa’s Ice Candy

This Ice Candy only needs a few simple ingredients and is quick and easy to make.

frozen party food ideas


#10. Olaf in the Water

Make Olaf out of fondant icing and whip up a batch of blue jello. Make sure the jello has started setting and then put a layer of wax paper between the jello and fondant because fondant can melt on contact with water. Finally add pretzel arms.

frozen party food ideas


#11. Melted Snow

Use the FREE Frozen party printables at likemomandapplepie to create Melted Snow bottles of water.

frozen party food ideas

There’s also a free printable for a Pin the Nose on Olaf game too.

And when the party is over, have fun watching the Let It Go Frozen Mom Version!

Do you have any Frozen party food ideas? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!