Create Art Masterpieces Together With Paint By Numbers

Caroline Kelly

July 13, 2020

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Are you looking for fun projects to do with your child this summer? We have teamed up with to bring you a series of easy-to-do art and craft projects perfect for wee ones and older kids too. Have some enjoyable calmer time creating art masterpieces together with paint by numbers kits!

Follow our handy guide and you will be creating your own masterpieces in no time! You can get all the materials for this and other fun projects on the website. Order online and have them delivered to your door, ready to paint, paint, paint!

Painting By Numbers

Schoolbooks Paint By Numbers

You Will Need

  • Paint by Numbers kit
  • Tub or glass of water (I use a jar lid as less water to spill if there is an accident!)
  • Container to mix the paints together
  • Kitchen Roll – to dab the paintbrush on when it’s wet
  • Something to protect the table, if you don’t want to get paint on it!

Find everything you need for this project at where you’ll find a fabulous selection of art and craft materials from drawing to painting to crafting and more!


Painting by Numbers Tips

  1. Pick a kit that is suitable for your child’s age and ability.
  2. Give yourself time, it can be a little tricky to begin with. But once you get going it’s very straight forward.Unicorn Paint By Numbers
  3. To avoid smudging, work on the top half of the canvas before moving to the bottom half.
  4. Paint the large areas first.
  5. Less is more when it comes to the paint, you can always add but it’s difficult to take away!
  6. Always keep the paint pots closed when you are not using them. This way they don’t dry or harden.
  7. Leave the white colour until the end. That way if you have gone over the lines you can fix it with white!
  8. Leave colours to dry when you have finished with one before you begin another.
    Deer Paint by Numbers
  9. Enjoy – this project is perfect for rainy days or just a time where you want to sit and enjoy your child’s company. It’s an ideal parent and child project, one each or helping each other with one project. Also great for leaving and coming back to – really lends itself to a week long project for a certain time each day.

TOP CRAFTY TIP: Go over the lighter colours at the end of the project a second time and this will ensure the numbers are completely covered.

Now, where are you going to hang your masterpiece! has everything a busy parent might need for during the school year from school books, stationery, learning resources, lunch items etc. But did you know you can also find lots of ideas for birthdays or a rainy day at home on their website They’ve got children’s books, face paints, painting sets, educational toys, games and much more!

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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