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Girls playing on tablet apps for tweens

10 Super Fun Apps For Tweens (And Some Are Educational!)

As part of our Apps for Kids series, we had a good rummage around for apps that would be good for 8-12 year olds....
best educational apps for preschoolers lead

20 Of The Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Are you looking for educational apps for young kids? There are so many apps for preschoolers to choose from, but how can you be...
yolo app

The YOLO App and Anonymous Messaging: What Parents Need to Know

Is your tween or teen using YOLO? It's a free social media app that allows anonymous questions to be posed through Snapchat. Here's what...
Health apps - Mykidstime

An App a Day: 10 Health Apps to Track Sleep, Stress, Sex and More

From fitness or fertility trackers and on-demand workouts to memory games and guided meditations, there are some fantastic health apps to track sleep, stress,...
Best apps to plan a family day out in Ireland

Best Apps To Plan A Family Day Out In Ireland

Looking for a fun day out with the family? From cinema listings to restaurants there are apps for almost everything these days. Here are...
free educational apps for kids lead

20 Free Educational Apps For Kids Reviewed By Families

Are you looking for fun but educational apps for kids to download for your iPhone or iPad? Here are 20 free educational apps and games...
Some Of The Best Reading Apps For Kids

Some Of The Best Reading Apps For Kids

Are you looking for apps to help your child with their literacy? Here are some of the best reading apps for kids, including some for...
the best learning apps for kids

The Best Language Learning Apps and Websites for Kids

Scientific research shows that learning a foreign language comes easier to those introduced to different languages from an early age. It comes more naturally...