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Amazing Easter Egg Hunts at Greenan Maze

Biggest Ever Egg Hunt at Greenan Maze for Easter Weekend on 20th, 21st & 22nd April 2019 Easter Saturday 20th April and Easter Sunday 21st...
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Fabulous Fairy Events This Summer in Ireland

It's International Fairies Day on June 24th so to celebrate we've picked out some fun fairy events taking place around Ireland, as well as...
Mykidstime fairy trails in the UK

Magical Fairy Trails in the UK for an Amazing Family Day Out

There is something infinitely magical and wonderful about fairies and the stories associated with them. If you're looking for fun and interesting places for...
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Places to Find Magical Fairy Trails in Ireland

Fairies and fairy tales have always figured large in Irish culture, and as a parent, I think it's nice to see that fairies are...