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10 Great Kids Movies Every Family Should Have

Every family has their favourite kids movies - movies that they just love, and enjoy watching over and over again! We've put our parental heads together at Mykidstime, to determine...
best family movies

50 of the Best Family Movies of All Time Checklist

The Mykidstime Team have put their collective grey matter together and compiled our list of the best family movies (and let me tell you...
best family films on Netflix

50 of the Best Family Movies on Netflix

It's movie night at home, but what movie to watch? Sometimes choosing the actual film to watch can be so time consuming. But not anymore! Here...

5 of the Best Christmas Movies for Families

It's December.  The weather outside is frightful. It's time to put on a Christmas Movie!  The Mykidstime Team have chosen 5 of the Best...