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grandparents and the special role they play in our lives

The Special Role of Grandparents in Our Lives

The mantra ‘it takes a village’ may be accurate and ideal, but is increasingly difficult to find community in our lives, when we often...
Touching Things Kids Say

33 Touching Things Kids Say to Their Parents

Children are so honest, which is sometimes not so great! But often they surprise you with an observation or declaration that is really touching. We...
ikea advert

[WATCH] The new IKEA Advert says Make More Than Just Food

We know this is an ad, but we think it is super cute and we love the idea of grandparents and grandchildren spending time...

21 Wonderful Reasons Why Grandparents Are The Best

The relationship your own parents have with your children is a formative one for your kids. From offering support and childcare to treating and spoiling...
Grandparents giving advice

Why Grandparents are Important for Childhood

We think that Grandparents are such an important part of your childhood that we wanted to explore the role of Grandparents and also some of...
grandparents and rules

15 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Are you looking for gift ideas for grandparents? From home brewing kits to art cabinets, here's 15 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Grandparents, guaranteed to...