21 Wonderful Reasons Why Grandparents Are The Best

Jill Holtz

October 27, 2015


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The relationship your own parents have with your children is a formative one for your kids. From offering support and childcare to treating and spoiling their grandkids, here are 21 Wonderful Reasons why Grandparents are the Best:

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#1. Grandparents say yes when parents say no

Your kids love it when they get to do the stuff that normally their parents say no to.

#2. They tell great stories to your kids

Watch your child next time their grandparent tells them a story about the past. They love hearing those stories.

#3. Your kids get to hear about you as a child

Yes, they tell all the embarrassing stories about you to your kids but they also share the family history with your children.

#4. Their Love

The unconditional love they give to your children is heartwarming to watch.

#5. Free babysitting

You can’t deny it’s handy to have a babysitting session from your parents now and again.

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#6. They are there to lend a hand

If you need some help, grandparents come in very handy.

#7. They get to be just fun with your kids

Where you have to be all serious and discipline your children, Nana and Pappa get to be fun. And it’s great to see them having fun with your kids.

#8. Going to Grandpa and Grandma’s house is an adventure

Getting to spend time at their house is always an adventure for children. It’s like a home from home but different.

#9. Their house is full of cool stuff

From the old telescope in the corner to ancient photographs, your children love exploring the things that your parents have. Stuff that you’d forgotten about.

#10. They love to feed you all

Maybe it’s the fact that they grew up poorer or hungrier or during rationing times but there’s always heaps of food at the grandparents.

#11. Grandparents always have candy

Ok this is not a good reason in your mind probably but your kids are always delighted.

#12. They love to spoil their grandchildren

What else are grandparents for. From hugs and kisses to treats and pocket money, your kids deserve a spoiling now and again.

#13. They can be relied upon for presents

Birthdays and Christmas, or just even if they’re visiting, grandparents can always be relied on for presents, or some money to top-up the savings.

#14. They give good advice

Whether it’s to you as a parent or your child as a grandparent, their advice is after all based on a lifetime of experience.

#15. They are like another set of parents

To your child they are really like another set of parents, just a bit different.

#16. They are old-fashioned

Not so caught up with technology, they still enjoy things like playing cards or board games or cooking and baking with your child.

#17. They don’t mind reading your child’s favourite book over and over

You know, the one you’re heartily sick of. Time for Grandpa or Grandma to have a turn at reading!

#18. They are happy to be in the audience

They make the best audience to watch all those performances and shows by their grandkids, and they are delighted when your child learns a new song or poem.

#19. They are always happy to hear from your kids

By phone or Skype or a personal visit, grandparents are always thrilled to see your children.

#20. They are proud of your children

There’s no-one prouder than a grandparent of their grandchildren’s accomplishments and they get to boast more than you too.

#21. Their grandchildren

Well, naturally!

And finally, we enjoyed this pic from Facebook:


Over to you now! Anything we missed when it comes to grandparents being the best? Share it with us in the comments below!


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