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Poems for Dads

Poems for Dads: ‘Hold My Hand Daddy’ is a Tearjerker!

At Mykidstime we're complete soft touches when it comes to poems for Dads, and this one is no different! Telling the story of Dad's...
father's day poem to print

A Father’s Day Poem To Print Out & Cherish

Give Dad a special homemade gift this Father's day with a touching Father's Day poem that you can print out and cherish. "Hold My Hand Daddy"...
A Mother's Love by Erma Bombeck

“A Mother’s Love” by Erma Bombeck Sums Up Motherhood Perfectly

Sometimes being a mum is tough. You have to say no to your child, you have to put your foot down, you have to...
poetry for kids

From Nursery Rhymes To Sonnets: Why Poetry For Kids Is Important

From nursery rhymes to sonnets you studied at school, have you ever wondered why poetry is such a big part of children's lives? In...
Mykidstime Before There Was You motherhood poem

Before There Was You: A Motherhood Poem We Love!

Becoming a parent is a milestone like no other, with an influx of feelings we just never knew existed. Summing up the overwhelming emotion...
a christmas poem for mom

A Christmas Poem For Mom

Christmas is a particularly busy time for mums, between present buying, present wrapping, cookie baking and all the organising! We hope you enjoy this...
the last time poem

The Last Time Poem

Parenting is such a busy time, and before you know it they have grown up and left home. Take a moment to read The...
the moon spun around william yeats

The Moon Spun Round – William Yeats Poems for Children

A new children's book from O'Brien Press aims to bring William Yeats' poems to life for children. Find out what our parent reviewer thought of...