Poems For Dads: Hold My Hand Daddy

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At Mykidstime we’re complete soft touches when it comes to poems for Dads, and this one is no different! Telling the story of Dad’s role in the journey of child to adult – Hold My Hand Daddy by Ms Moem, will melt your heart, and would be lovely for a child to give to Dad on Father’s Day.

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Hold My Hand Daddy

Hold my hand Daddy
And show me the way
So that I can go out
In the big world one day.

Teach me the basics
And then let me learn.
Should I ever get stuck
I’ll know just where to turn.

Cheer me up Daddy
When I’m feeling blue.
I can always rely
On a kind word from you.

Dry my tears Daddy
When I’m feeling sad.
Let me know it’s okay
And I won’t feel so bad.

Show me the sunshine
And then set me free
To be the brilliant person
That you raised me to be.

‘Hold My Hand Daddy’ is a poem written by Ms Moem, who also creates personalised poems.

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Poems for Dads Hold My Hand Daddy

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