Before There Was You: A Motherhood Poem We Love!

Motherhood poem

Becoming a parent is a milestone like no other, with an influx of feelings we just never knew existed. Summing up the overwhelming emotion and momentousness, Before There Was You is a motherhood poem we absolutely love.

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I recently came across this motherhood poem, titled Before There Was You, and it was one I came back to over the next few days. This simple and emotive poem from The Pinterested Parent really touched me, because it summed up exactly how I felt with a newborn – and still feel now with a tween.


It’s so easy to get caught up in the exhaustion, mess and stress of parenthood – when you’ve got chocolate fingerprints on the couch, marker on the walls, a strange and unexplained smell in the back of your car, and a very concerning silence coming from the kids’ room…

But, those moments do pass. And when those sticky little hands wrap themselves around your neck, you forget everything else. Maybe not the smell though, because it’s really bad.

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Before There Was You: A Motherhood Poem We Love!

Before There Was You

Before there was you, I slept until noon
I took naps when I wanted and didn’t watch cartoons.
Before there was you, life was filled with less stress,
There were no toys on the floor and the house was not a mess.
Before there was you, I was wined and I was dined,
I never checked for poop by sniffing a behind.
Before there was you, I could go to the mall,
Without disapproving looks of shock and appall.
Before there was you, I’d primp for an hour,
Now, I will go days without taking a shower.
Our lives have changed completely, but this much is true –
I never knew pure joy, before there was you.

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