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Mykidstime - Ways to Relax

15 Sure-Fire Ways to Relax and De-Stress

We know that parents don’t get much time to relax, so we’ve found 15 easy ways for you to transform 20 minutes of your...
7 practical tips on how to handle stress caused by inlaws

7 Practical Tips On How To Handle Stress Caused by In-laws

Finding it hard to get along with your in-laws, or do you just dread every family occasion that brings you all together? It's time...
liquid motion bubbler lead

Are Liquid Motion Bubblers the new Fidget Spinners?

Kids went crazy last year for fidget spinners, the calming toys quickly becoming the new It toy for kids of all ages. So what's...
Avoid Exam Stress

9 Practical Tips For Parents to Help With Exam Stress

Exams are just around the corner for many 2nd level students. As parents we want to help avoid exam stress as much as possible....
School of choice anxious teen

3 Important Study Tips Every Teen Should Know

Many teens fall into the trap of studying for long periods of time but still not getting everything done? But there are tools and techniques...
child anxiety

7 Valuable Insights on How to Calm Anxiety in Your Child

Do you have an anxious child? It is sometimes hard to make sense of their anxiety and a parent can feel powerless on how...
mother in law problems

Are Mother In Law Problems Causing You Stress?

Mother-in-laws traditionally have a bad rap, and while the old adage of the interfering and overbearing mother-in-law may not always be true, for many...
help kids deal with trauma

[WATCH] Sesame Street Can Help Kids Deal With Trauma

In a video series launched just days after the Las Vegas shootings, Sesame Street has come up with a clever, age appropriate and intelligent...