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holy communion

30 Reasons to Know You’re the Mum to a First Communion Child

First Communion year is a unique and busy year both for the children and their parents. Hours of preparation (and a few stressful moments...
Avoid Exam Stress

9 Practical Tips to Help With Exam Stress

Exams are just around the corner for many 2nd level students. As parents we want to help avoid exam stress as much as possible. Richard Mc Manus...
stress relief tips

Why You Need My 3 Top Stress Relief Tips for Mums

As a Mammy do you find yourself constantly juggling a long list of things from housework to kids to grocery shopping? Do you find yourself...
help kids deal with trauma

[WATCH] Sesame Street Can Help Kids Deal With Trauma

In a video series launched just days after the Las Vegas shootings, Sesame Street has come up with a clever, age appropriate and intelligent...