7 Cool Math Games Websites for Kids

Jill Holtz

December 11, 2018

Math Games Websites

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Looking for some good websites to help your child get to grips with math? Here are 7 Cool Math Games Websites for Kids:

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If your child needs some help with maths then learning games can be a good way of engaging and teaching them. Here are some websites that offer fun math games for kids.

7 Cool Math Games Websites for Kids

#1. Learninggamesforkids.com


learninggamesforkids.com has fun games with lots of free printables as well. If you click the Math Games option on the left hand menu it offers the different age groups, by grade from Kindergarten up to 5th grade, as well as by type of maths e.g. Addition or Subtraction.

#2. Coolmath-games.com


Coolmathgames.com and sister website Coolmath4kids.com both have interactive online math games for kids.

We liked the Number Monster game on the Coolmath4kids website as you can work your way through different functions addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and start with lower numbers and work your way up higher.

#3. Mathplayground.com


Mathplayground.com has a variety of games covering topics such as addition, multiplication, fractions, geometry and pre-algebra.

Each game gives an indication of which Grade level and what particular maths stanards it supports. For example. “Speedway supports Grade 4 and Grade 5 Common Core Math Standards in Number and Operations – Fractions.”

#4. Primarygames.com


Primarygames.com has some cool maths games for different age groups. For example, Math Eggs Even and Odd Numbers where you have to catch the eggs with either even or odd numbers is a fun way of learning and you can choose different levels of speed to play at too.

#5. Topmarks.co.uk


Topmarks.co.uk has games for different age groups 3-5, 5-7, 7-11, 11-17 years. As well as the usual maths topics, it covers things like Shapes, Data Handling and Problem Solving.

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#6. Funbrain.com


Funbrain.com has free maths games, for example, you can play different sports such as soccer, basketball and baseball.

#7. PBSkids.org

pbs kids

For those familiar with PBS characters such as Curious George and Caillou, the PBSkids.org Math section lets kids play math games with the characters with a good range of topics from What groceries can you buy with your budget? to Measure crystals with May.

Over to you now. Has your child got a favourite website to play math games on? Share it with us in the comments below.

7 cool math games websites for kids

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