10 Stunning Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

Crafts for Kids Chinese New Year

Are you looking for activities to mark the Chinese New Year with the kids? From Cherry Blossom Lanterns to Origami Frogs, here are 10 Stunning Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

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Upcoming Chinese New Years:

  • Chinese New Year 2016 is the Year of the Monkey and begins on February 8th.
  • 2017 is the Year of the Rooster and begins on January 28th.
  • 2018 will be The Year of the Dog and begins on February 16th.

#1. Cherry Blossom Lantern Crafts for Kids

Crafts for Kids Cherry Blossom Lantern Activity VillageCreate a stunning Chinese style lantern by painting your very own Cherry Blossom Pattern onto a paper lantern.

You could use a round lantern or if you want to have a sting of lights find white cylinder lanterns and decorate each one with a unique painting.

You could also add Chinese symbols or writing onto your lanterns.

Image from Activity Village

#2. Chinese New Year Cut & Paste Picture Dictionary

Crafts for Kids Chinese New Year Dictionary from Enchanted LearningPrint and decorate your own Chinese New Year Picture Dictionary with this downloadable template from Enchanted Learning.

Once created this book can be used year after year as all the animal symbols are there, along with the dates and symbols for years to come.

Image from Enchanted Learning

#3. Chinese Dragon Puppet

Craft for Kids Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet from DLTKHave fun folding, sticking and gluing with these paper plate crafts for kids from DLTK. Create the perfect Chinese Dragon Puppet to accompany the traditional Chinese Dragon Dance.

Add a piece of bamboo so your Dragon Puppet can dance along too.

Image from DLTK

#4. Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year

crafts for kids chinese new year red envelopes from sun scholarsIt is a tradition to give money in red envelopes with gold lettering to loved ones to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Rachel over at Sun Scholars has created a tutorial post on how to create a beautiful Red Envelope of your own.

You can decorate yours with the animal symbol for the year to come.

Image from Sun Scholars

#5. Chinese New Year Skylines

crafts for kids chinese new year skylines from lets go fly a kiteI just love this Chinese New Year Skyline craft for kids from Let’s Go Fly a Kite.

Made using newspaper with thumbprint lanterns, this would look great anytime of year. You could add fireworks or dancing dragons too, be as creative as you like.

Image from Let’s Go Fly A Kite

#6. Chinese Drum Crafts for Kids

crafts for kids chinese drum from ArtsymommaCreate traditional Chinese Drums to ring in the New Year using paper plates, ribbons and beads.

Best of all they won’t make too much noise! Get full instructions over on Artsymomma.

Image from Artsymomma

#7. Goldfish Kite

crafts for kids chinese new year goldfish from Lightly EnchantedIn China, Goldfish are considered to bring abundance. I love this pretty Goldfish Kite from Lightly Enchanted.

They are created using the inner tube from kitchen or toilet roll and crepe paper and will provide hours of fun for the kids, not just while they are making them, but when they get to fly them too.

Image from Lightly Enchanted

#8. Origami Frogs

origami frogWatch our post on how to create an origami frog, that even hops.

A great craft for kids to celebrate the Chinese New Year or to make any time of year. You could create them in lots of different colours.

Image from Tiger Stores

#9. Panda Crafts for Kids

rafts for kids chinese new year panda from crafty craftedCreate this cute panda for Chinese New Year, with instructions over on crafty crafted.

All you will need is an empty bottle, some black and white craft paper and glue.

Image from Crafty Crafted

#10. Chinese New Year Fish Crafts for Kids

crafs for kids chinese new year fish from I am a full time mummyUse the principals of simple Origami to create Chinese New Year Fish that would look great as decorations around the house.

In the post over on I am a full time Mummy, they use Red Packets (Ang Pows) but if you can’t get those you could use strong wrapping paper. Just make sure you cut them into an exact square shape for the fish to work.

Image from I am a full time Mummy

10 Stunning Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

Do you have any Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids to Make? Please share your ideas in the comments box below.

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