4 New Family Board Games recommended by Board Game Guys

Jill Holtz

January 13, 2014

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We are all familiar with classic family board games such as Monopoly and Cleudo but what about some of the newer board games that are available for families to play? Here are 4 new family board games recommended by Board Game Guys

#1. Dixit

Dixit1Dixit is a multi-award winning game, beautifully illustrated where the main player is your imagination. This game tests your logic, ability to bluff and your powers of deduction, while keeping the rules to a minimum. In every round a player becomes the storyteller, calling out a phrase or word that describes one of their cards. The other players then choose one of their cards that best matches what the storyteller calls out. The cards are then uncovered and the players vote secretly to try and guess the storyteller’s card.

Dixit is brilliant, simple and great fun. It can adapt to any age or language there are extensions with an extra forty cards which means it never gets boring and it’s ideal for family playing or an evening with friends.

Age: 8+, Time: 30min, Players: 3-6, Price: €29,50 (RRP: €32,99)

#2. King of Tokyo

Kingoftokio1Transform into a mutant monster, gigantic robot or other terrifying creatures, beat your opponents, conquer the city and become the one and only King of Tokyo! Use a combination of dice that you throw and accumulate energy, heal your monster or just fight other creatures, or use special cards that you can exchange for energy crystals that give your creature special abilities which will help it become King.

To win the game you must either destroy Tokyo, or be the last creature standing in the city by squashing the other creatures during the game. King of Tokyo is a simple, fast-paced dice game of monster bashing, by Richard Garfield. It’s a popular game that boys love as well as experienced grown-up board gamers.

Age: 8+, Time: 30min, Players: 2-6, Price: €32,00 (RRP: €39.99) 

#3. Villa Paletti

villapaletti2A long time ago in Italy, a man named Paletti tried to build the tallest castle in the world. But before he could finish, he ran out of money and decided to take columns from the ground floor to construct higher levels above it.

The result was an amazing masterpiece, the Villa Paletti. Can you repeat his daring feat?

The players attempt to get their own columns onto the highest possible level of the Villa Paletti. The game ends when the Villa Paletti collapses, or when players can’t build any further. Villa Paletti is quick, fun and challenging which the whole family can enjoy.

Age: 8+, Time: 30min, Players: 2-4, Price: €29,00 (RRP: €29.99)

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#4. Carcassonne

Carcassonne1Carcassone is a clever and exciting tile-laying game for 2-5 players that develops the area around the southern, FreAge: 9+, Time: 45min, Players 1-6, Price: €36,00 (RRP: €39.99)nch, Medieval city of Carcassonne. Players build roads, cities, cloisters and meadows and then deploy their followers “meeples” farmers, knights, monks and thieves.

The rules are easy, the game is never boring because each time you play the board is built from scratch and there is an infinite number of combinations of tiles and strategies. This is a world best seller and major award winner, it’s a must in your board game collection!

Age: 8+, Time: 45min, Players: 2-5, Price: €28,00 (RRP: €34.99)

About Board Game Guys

boardgamesguyslogoThe Board Game Guys online store offers the World’s best board games and card games at competitive prices, with fast shipping and delivery and exceptional customer care.

Board Game Guys is a small team from County Galway passionate about bringing to the customers an amazing world of games which are brain-stimulating, fun-loving table top entertainment for an array of ages and interests. These games encourage family and friends to bond, participate and compete in activities that give a true meaning to the spirit of playing games together.

Have you played any of these new board games? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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