10 New Family Card Games recommended by Board Game Guys

Jill Holtz

January 21, 2014

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We are all familiar with classic card games such as Snap and Gin Rummy but what about some of the newer card games that are available for families to play? Here are the top 10 new family card games recommended by Board Game Guys

monsterfactory1#1. Monster Factory

Manufacture hairy, snotty, boggle-eyed monsters in Monster Factory. Lay tiles and make the biggest monster and minion that you can. Tally up points for each tile and win with the wackiest-looking creature.

This is an excellent, well designed tile game for kids and adults where only your imagination is the limit.

Age: 5+, Players: 2-6, Playing time: 30mins

Price: €29.50 (RRP: €32.99)

#2. Dobble

dobble2Mums, Dobble is a great compact card game you can have in your handbag and play anywhere.

Five games in one set of cards, just try to spot matching symbols of varying sizes. Easy to learn, easy to play and loads of fun for any age.

Age: 5+, Players: 2-8, Playing time: 15mins

Price: €15.50 (RRP: €15.99)

#3. Jungle Speed

junglespeed1Do you want to be the chief of the Aboulou tribe? Then you’ll need a keen eye and a quick and steady hand to play Jungle Speed. Players are dealt cards, on a turn a card is revealed on to each player’s discard pile. If two symbols match the players ‘duel’ and make a grab for the small wooden totem that’s placed in the middle of the game.

The fastest player wins the ‘duel’ and gives the loser his discard pile. Extra special cards throw players off their game and provoke mistakes. If you manage to get rid of your cards you become chief!!

Age: 7+, Players: 2-10, Playing time: 15mins

Price: €19.00 (RRP: €21.99)

#4. Dixit Jinx

dixitJinx2A portable version from the Dixit family but Dixit Jinx is unlike the original game because the images on the cards are very simple. Nine cards are revealed in a 3×3 square. The active player draws a locator map card that indicates which card in the square is to be described. The active player now speaks, sings, acts out something that hints the chosen card.

Victory points are scored as the other players collect cards or hand over cards depending if they guess the active card correctly. This is a great start to the Dixit saga!

Age: 8+, Players: 3-6, Playing time: 15mins

Price: €19.00 (RRP: €21.99)

#5. Saboteur

saboteur2Okay are you a miner or a saboteur, a bluffer or a truth teller? In Saboteur, players get a mixed hand of path and action cards. Miners chose path cards that build tunnels towards the three possible locations of the golden nugget.

Saboteurs try to do their upmost to hinder the progress of the tunnels towards the treasure. Players can also use action cards that block or unblock the possibility of path building.

So hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work you go!

Age: 8+, Players: 3-10, Playing time: 30mins

Price: €14.00 (RRP: €14.99)

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#6. Hobbit

hobbit2Calling all Lord of the Rings fans, relive the struggle of good versus evil in this fast-paced, trick-taking card game, The Hobbit.

This flight of fantasy deals damage to your enemies or heals your allies depending on the cards you obtain in your winning hands.

Are you brave or evil enough to take this journey through Middle-earth?

Age: 10+, Players: 2-5, Playing time: 30mins

Price: €10.00 (RRP: €11.99)

#7. Love Letter

loveletter2Welcome to a beautifully illustrated and charming card game of deduction, risk and luck: Love Letter.

The princess Annette has locked herself in the palace and to win her hand you must be the first to deliver your letter.

Win each round and try to eliminate all the other suitors.

Age: 10+, Players: 2-4, Playing time: 20mins

Price: €10.00 (RRP: €14.99)

#8. Citadels


Do you want to be part of building a Medieval city destined for greatness? Then you need to earn gold to buy districts, bluff, intimidate and outmanoeuvre your rivals in the brilliant game of Citadels.

In each round chose your character wisely because this will affect your city’s future. Build eight districts before your opponents do and you will win the game and hold the key to the city!!

Age: 10+, Players: 2-8, Playing time: 20-60mins

Price: €22.50 (RRP: €27.99)

#9. Munchkin

munchkin2This dungeon adventure called Munchkin is fast-playing, hysterical and really silly!

Slay everything in sight, backstab your friends and steal the treasure.

There are fifteen stand alone Munchkin card games, all of which can be combined and over twenty expansions.


Age: 10+, Players: 3-6, Playing time: 60-120mins

Price: €23.00 (RRP: €24.99)

#10. Timeline


Timeline has 220 cards each depicting on one side a historical event or invention and on the other side the year it happened. It could be the invention of toothpaste to the building of the pyramids, obscure to everyday general knowledge.

Players have to place their given cards in chronological order along a timeline, one card each round but if they make a mistake they have to pick up another card from the deck. The winner is the first to get rid of their cards. There is also a CD included which is a computer version of the game with extensions. Good, clean fun!

Age: 8+, Players: 2-8, Playing time: 15mins

Price: €18.00 (RRP: €24.99)

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