11 Special Picture Books That Are Perfect For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is often thought of as a Hallmark holiday, but I think it’s great to set aside a day to celebrate the great male role models in our kids’ lives, and a good opportunity for them to spend some time together. Why not have your kid give their Father a special book this year, and enjoy story time together? Whether Dad reads all the time or rarely, whether he is young or old, whether he lives with you or far away, and even if he is gone, here are 11 Special Picture Books That Are Perfect for Father’s Day.

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1. My Dad by Anthony Browne

My DadA glorious mix of childhood boasting and Daddy’s exaggerating, this beautiful book is a celebration of everyday Dads. This Dad, in his “dodgy” brown dressing gown, mirrors all Dads in the eyes of their kids.

Among other things ‘He can jump right over the moon’ and ‘he makes me laugh. A lot.’ But most importantly ‘HE LOVES ME! (And he always will.)’ Cute and lovely.

2. My Amazing Dad by Ross Collins

My amazing dadThis is a sweet story of friendship and fathers. The baby crocodile doesn’t know what his Dad does all day, and he’s worried because all his friends’ Dads seem so cool.

But in the end he discovers his Dad is pretty amazing too.

This book would be particularly good for Father’s Day if Dad is any sort of teacher/coach.

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3. A Present for My Dad by Pooter

Present for Dad bookThis is a gift book that’s given from a child to Dad. It’s a gift from a little person to a big person and tells the story of the journey the child makes while deciding on a present for their Dad – the crazy thoughts they had for a gift all come from a child’s point of view. In the end they decide to get Dad a pair of colourful socks instead.

Each book is wrapped, has a gift tag, is a children’s story and comes with a gorgeous pair of socks.

There is also “A Present for my Grandpa” version in the series.

4. I Love You Daddy by Catherine Vase

I love you daddyThis is a cute little book for younger kids. This little bear thinks his Daddy is as amazing as all his favourite things. ‘If you were a meal, you’d be a big bowl of spaghetti, twisty, twirly and very, very messy!’.

The bright vibrant illustrations make it particularly attractive to toddlers.

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5. The Great Explorer by Chris Judge

The Great ExplorerTom’s Dad is a famous explorer. But when he gets lost on a trip to the North Pole, Tom has to use all his ingenuity to go on his own adventure to rescue him. Along the way he encounters beautiful icebergs and the northern lights but also a giant walrus and a terrible snow storm.

A beautifully illustrated adventure story from the writer of The Lonely Beast.

6. The Trouble with Dad by Babette Cole

The trouble with dadA zero-to-hero tale of an ordinary Dad who makes extraordinary robots in his garden shed. This book is a super example of Cole’s characteristic combination of quirky story and hilariously detailed illustrations.

All her characters are likeable and this book is a delight.

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7. Mr Bear Babysits by Debi Gliori

mr bear babysitsThis beautifully illustrated book is a heart warming vindication for great fathers out there. At the beginning Mr Bear is sent to babysit for the neighbours. Initially he is all at sea and the children run rings around him. But as the evening goes on he takes charge and learns that not only is he pretty good at this, he quite enjoys it too.

The final image of Mr Bear with his own baby asleep on his chest will surely elicit an Awww from all but the hardest of hearts.

8. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury

we're going on a bear huntThis swishy swashy, splash splosh, squelch squerch, stumble trip, hoooo woooo, tip toe adventure has been a read aloud favourite for over 25 years. The delightful illustrations show a man going bear hunting with four kids and a dog.

The exact nature of the relationship is never mentioned making this a great Father’s Day book for uncles, friends or other significant men in your child’s life – particularly those that take them on crazy adventures!

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9. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney & Anita Jeram

Guess how much I love youThis well loved tale of Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare preparing for bed and discussing how much they love each other has been around for over 20 years and with good reason.

It really is the perfect book to snuggle up with and the fact that the relationship is never defined makes it a great Father’s Day choice for granddads, or any other man that loves a child ‘right up to the moon – and back.’

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10. Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear? by Martin Waddell & Barbara Firth

Can't you sleep little bearThe premise of this book, with little bear acting up instead of going to sleep, will be familiar to anyone who has put kids to bed!

The sideline about poor Big Bear trying to finish his book in the middle of it all will amuse adult readers and kids just love the repetition and the snuggly ending.

Again Big Bear could be any relation to Little Bear so a good gift for non Dads too.

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11. The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

The heart and the bottleThis is a stunningly beautiful book from the author of Lost and Found and many many others. At its core is a little girl ‘whose head was filled with all the curiosities of the world’ and who is seen sharing these with a man in an armchair. It is never mentioned who this man is but clearly he is a huge presence in her life so when, one day, she finds an empty chair she decides to put her heart in a bottle to keep it safe.

This touching tale is a beautifully sensitive way to address the loss of a father figure and moving on. Also highly recommended for adults dealing with loss.

Don’t ever be stuck for a book idea again! I have lots more book reviews on my blog Glittering Eyes.

Over to you! Any recommended reads for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

picture books that are perfect for fathers day

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