11 Things You Didn’t Know About Holly Webb

holly webb

Are you a fan of Holly Webb’s books? Here are 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Holly Webb:

holly webb#1. She was born and grew up in south-east London but spent a lot of time on the Suffolk coast.

#2. Holly studied Latin and Greek at school because she enjoyed ancient myths and she then went on to read Classics at university.

#3. She didn’t plan to become a writer.

She says, “I was working as an editor at Scholastic and we brain-stormed this new series called The Triplets. I didn’t want to hand over the characters I had drafted to someone else to develop so I decided to write the books myself.”

#4. Holly has 3 sons including twins.

#5. Holly used to have a cat called Rosie.

#6. She also had an English bull terrier called Alice.

“She got older and grumpier at the time I was a grumpy teenager, so we kind of suited each other,” says Holly. “The main thing that made her grumpy was that she hated sand and we lived by the sea – she was a city dog really.”

#7. Holly used to own gerbils too and had 9 at one time (an accident from when her dad brought home a new gerbil and hadn’t checked the gender!).

#8. Holly runs a Girl Guide group.

#9. She wrote her first book on trains.

“I had to leave it on someone’s desk with a note as I was too scared to say I’d written it.”, she says.

#10. Holly has written over 90 books!

#11. Her favourite children’s book is ‘The Horse and His Boy” part of the C S Lewis Narnia series.

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