15 Fun Spring Activities For Preschoolers


January 9, 2019

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After the inevitable hibernation that Winter weather brings, Spring’s a great season for getting active and creative with the kids. If you’re looking for seasonal art projects for kids, or outdoor activities with nature, here’s 15 Fun Spring Activities for Preschoolers, that will keep you and the kids from climbing the walls!

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Getting outdoors during Spring with your preschooler can be lots of fun, there are usually flowers and baby animals to spot, and puddles to jump in! Here are some fun spring activities for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy.

Spring Activities For Preschoolers

#1. Learn Spring Songs And Rhymes

spring songs

Image courtesy of Lets Play Music

Lets Play Music have a lovely collection of 8 songs suitable for preschool children. Songs and rhymes about bunnies, lambs and chicks always go down well with young children.

There are also songs perfect for circle time, counting and incorporating puppets, and is sure to have something for everyone.

#2. Create Colourful Tissue Paper Butterflies

tissue paper butterflies

Image courtesy of In The Playroom

This Tissue Paper Butterfly craft from In The Playroom is a great follow on activity from reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and learning about the changes that take place in the life cycle of a caterpillar.

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#3. Create & Decorate an Easter Tree

spring tree craft

Image courtesy of Red Ted Art

Whether you decide to buy an Easter Egg tree to go on to decorate or begin from scratch this activity from Red Ted Art is great for the whole family.

Why not all wrap up warm, put the wellies on and venture out to collect some twigs to create your very own Easter/Spring decoration. Paint your twigs white, bind them together and set about having a craft day with lots of materials free to access.

#4. Create a Spring Collage

spring pic craft

Image courtesy of Artsy Craftsy Mom

Artsy Craftsy Mom got busy with lots of different materials to create an interesting Spring Collage. Leave your preschooler to get creative and make their very own collages that they can give to family and friends.

#5. Yarn Wrapped Tulips

spring tulip craft

Image courtesy of School Time Snippets

These Yarn wrapped Tulips, from School Time Snippets is not only great for developing fine motor skills, but also for learning about Spring Time flowers. They look adorable in little vases!

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#6. Spring Sensory Bottle

spring sensory bottle

Image courtesy of Kids Craft Room

A sensory bottle is a beautiful way to explore the seasons. Here Kids Craft Room share how to create your very own Spring Sensory Bottle, which would be great for developing children’s exploration and enjoyment of the wonder of this time of year.

#7. Create a Spring/Easter Themed Sensory Box

spring sensory box

Image courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play

We love sensory boxes over on our blog, Learning and Exploring Through Play. They are wonderful for hands on learning and exploring. Children can explore textures, learn about cause and effect whilst getting lost in their imagination.

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#8. Spring Garden Play Dough

spring garden potcraft

Image courtesy of Picklebums

When it’s raining and too cold to venture outdoors bring the outside in and create with play dough. Picklebums have a range of play dough mats to bring your creations to life.

#9. Create Spring Time Bouquets

arranging flowers

Image courtesy of Moms and Crafters

I love activities that involve going out and exploring so this Moms and Crafters project to create spring time bouquets is a perfect all rounder.

Go on a nature walk with your preschoolers and collect weeds, grasses, sticks, leaves etc. and create a Spring time bouquet. They use flower arranging foam but you could also use homemade play dough as your base.

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#10. Fine Motor Activity – What is Hiding in the Grass?

hiding in grass

Image courtesy of School time snippets

If you are looking for a fun activity to help develop your child’s fine motor skills, then this project from School time snippets could be the activity for you!

Using paper cut into strips for grass, supervise your preschooler cutting the ‘grass’ back to reveal what is hiding underneath? You could hide Spring related photos/pictures or photographs of family and friends.

#11. Process Art Project, Painting with Bugs

sensory painting with bugs

Image courtesy of Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

This very simple painting activity from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails explores the different marks different insects make, and is a fun process art project.

#12. Nature Art

nature art

Image courtesy of Danya Banya

Danya Banya share a gorgeous activity using Nature as a canvas, where a collection of nature is transformed with beautiful colors. What a wonderful idea! You could even go on to use the painted nature items to create a Nature Mobile.

#13. Caterpillar Pom Poms

pom pom caterpillers

Image courtesy of Artsy Craftsy Mom

Artsy Craftsy Mom show us how to make Caterpillar pom poms. Not only are these visually attractive and tactile, that would make great additions to small world play!

#14. Springtime Seed Hunting

spring bottles

Image courtesy of One Time Through

One Time Through went collecting and storing the seeds they collected to explore later. They even went on to develop the activity by planting some of the seeds they collected! This is another great activity for getting your preschooler outdoors and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

#15. Imaginative Small World Play


Image courtesy of Picklebums

Picklebums set up a simple yet very effective imaginative small world using bugs, ponds and nature. Very inspiring!

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Over to you now. Any other suggestions for spring activities for preschoolers? Let us know in the comments below.

15 Fun Spring Activities for Preschoolers


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