5 Art Projects For Kids To Reuse And Recycle

Mathilde Murray

February 4, 2015

art projects for kids using recycling

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If you are looking for some ways to reuse and recycle things lying around the house and entertain the kids at the same time, then here are 5 art projects for kids to help reuse and recycle.

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I’m a firm believer in open ended play and apply that to arts and crafts too. I provide my children with the materials and some suggestions as how to use them but they can make whatever they like.

I let them explore the endless possibilities of using every day objects for art projects. There are no step by step instructions but just some suggestions as what you can do with everyday objects. I’m sure your kids will have some great ideas too!

5 Art Projects For Kids

#1. Straws

Plastic flower pots

My drawers are always full of straws. So why not use them, and those little cupcake cases that are just lying around, to make cute little flowers.

Or, to go with your child’s dress up outfits, you could cut up the straws to bead size bits and thread them onto wool or string to create fun necklaces and bracelets.

#2. Milk or Juice Cartons

art projects for kids using recycling

We had fun making houses out of juice and milk cartons with a lick of paint and marker pens to draw windows and doors.

Why not make a whole village with shops, school and library? The opportunities are endless – give the kids some free rein, and you’ll be surprised at what they will come up with!

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#3. Plastic Containers

Plastic Box House

If you have takeaway containers, these can be used to make a miniature theatre or television.

Your set designers in the making, with a little help from you, can have fun making their sets then creating a mini play.

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#4. Magazines

If you have a pile of magazines that you have been accumulating, it’s time to get the scissors out.

Cut or rip them up into pieces and rearrange them to create some funky collage. Colours, numbers, and letters can all be themes for this project.

#5. Plastic Flower Pots

Flower pot art

You know those brown or black plastic flower pots, that pile up in the shed. They make for great creatures; a lick of paint, some googly eyes, and perhaps some straws for legs, and a spider or a crab is born.

They can also be decorated to be used as an easter egg basket for example. Or make them into a bird house.

Alternatively, they can keep their function as a flower pot but just a much prettier one after some colourful TLC.

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Over to you now. We love good and inventive ideas for art projects for kids so let us know yours!

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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About the Author: Mathilde Murray

Mathilde is a 30-something mother of three, aged 4 and under. Double Dutch describes her household best. Raising her kids bilingual provides great entertainment, and confusion, at the best of times. Nurturing their natural urge to explore, indoors & outdoors, there often is some outcome of artistic quality. She absolutely loves children's art and believes it deserves its own gallery space! Follow her blog Junior Art Gallery

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