5 Art Projects for Kids to Help you Spring Clean your House


A clean and tidy house, your kids entertained and some lovely art projects as a bonus. Sounds pretty good, right? Here’s 5 art projects for kids to help you spring clean your house!


Spring is looming around the corner and so are probably the cobwebs in the corners of our presses! The days are getting longer, but the weather is not yet always cooperative and conducive to being outdoors. It’s the perfect time to do some Spring cleaning!

And while you’re at it, get your kids to help out – those invaluable lessons about teamwork and keeping things tidy are added bonuses. Afterwards let them explore the endless possibilities of using every day objects for art projects.

I’m a firm believer in open ended play and apply that to arts and crafts too. I provide my children with the materials and some suggestions as how to use them but they can make whatever they like.

Therefore, there are no step by step instructions but mere suggestions as what you can do with every day objects. I’m sure your kids will have some great ideas too!

#1. Straws

My drawers are always full of once, but never to be used again, straws. So why not use them, and those little bit too small cupcake cases that are just lying around, to make cute little flowers. Or tie some straws together with the too wrinkled to use napkins and turn them into some nifty kites. Or, to spice up the fancy dress outfits, cut up some straws to bead size bits and do up some necklaces and bracelets.

Plastic flower pots

#2. Paper bags

All that December shopping left me with tons of bags. Reduce that pile by reusing them and recycle them as paper bag puppets. Or make paper bag trees and create your own forest. Or perhaps even a paper bag city with shops, and a school, and perhaps some more paper bag trees. The opprtunities are endless – give the kids some free rein, and you’ll be surprised at what they will come up with!

Paper bag project


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#3. Plastic containers

To keep with the Spring clean theme why not  get your children to collect all the little bits of lego, markers, marbles, puzzles, loombands et cetera and put them in surplus plastic containers.

Any left over containers can be used to make a miniature theatre or television. Set designers in the making, with a little help from you, can use the above named container fillers as props 🙂

Plastic Box House

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#4. Magazines

What is it with women and magazines? Why do we always want to hold on to them? I, for one, never read them again but I still have them piled high for, well, sometime!

Right. It’s time to get the scissors out. Or if your smallies are still too small for scissors just hands will do too. Cut or rip them up into pieces and rearrange them to create some funky collage. Colours, numbers, and letters can all be themes for this project. Pictures from the magazines can also be used for above mentioned paper bag forests or cities, or the plastic container theatre or television.

Magazine collage

#5. Plastic flower pots

You know those brown or black plastic flower pots, that you remove before planting? They too pile up in our shed. They make for great creatures; a lick of paint, some googly eyes, and perhaps some straws for legs, and a spider or a crab is born.

They can also be decorated to be used as an easter egg basket for example. Or make them into a bird house. Alternatively, they can keep their function as a flower pot but just a much prettier one after some colourful tlc.

Flower pot art

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These are just a few of my reduce, reuse, recycle Spring clean art project ideas for kids. We love good and inventive ideas so let us know yours!

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