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February 24, 2019

kids playing Quasar at Leisureplex things to do with kids

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“Who needs Fortnite when I can do this” was the verdict from one 10 year old while playing a game of Quasar at Leisureplex. We are always looking out for fun things to do with kids and asked 2 families to road test Quasar at Leisureplex so we could find out if this was a good activity for all the family. Read on to get their verdict.

What is Quasar?

Its game time quasar at Leisureplex fun things to do with kids

According to Leisureplex:

“Release your inner galactic soldier with Quasar, the most exciting laser tag game in the universe! With unique UV battle arenas, fully equipped with hi-tech laser guns, HQ base-detectors, smoke machines and music.

Can you break through enemy lines and take the headquarters? Play the game that runs on adrenaline – not on batteries.”

What Our Testers Thought

Quasar at Leisureplex fun things to do with kids

Family 1 consisting of Mum, Dad, 12 yo boy and 10 yo girl. This is what they had to say.

“We had a great evening on Saturday at Quasar.

There were only 4 of us and 5 on the other team but that was plenty. It was exciting trying to make your way to the opposition’s base without having the other team pop up from behind a wall or jump out from around a corner to shoot you.

I probably burned half my calories from just laughing in shock or surprise.

My eldest, 12 said it was really fun. He enjoyed running around and was sweating by the end. We all were. It was a great cardio workout for everyone!

My youngest, 10, was great at sneaking around really low. The bonus of being our little pocket rocket. She was thrilled with herself every time she was able to sneak in and set off the opposition’s alarm.

She said ‘who needs Fortnite when I can do this!’ as she ran by me gleefully.

It was fun for us all to work together. We had to divide up the jobs between the alarm shooters and the alarm minder. Fun for all and a great way to exercise!!”

Quasar Squad at Leisureplex things to do with kids

Family 2 was 1 adult and 4 kids 9-12 years. Here’s what Mum had to say:

“First thing I noticed was how clean the place was. There were several staff members visible and we were directed to the reception desk. The staff were so friendly and helpful. We were taken to the Quasar area and met the other family we’d be playing with.

Once inside, all the rules were carefully explained and we were shown how the equipment worked. We were in 2 teams our group against the other family. The staff members brought us into the quasar playing arena and showed us where to energise our guns and where each of our Headquarters were.

We played for 20 minutes and it was so much fun. There was music playing and black lights on while we snuck around corners and attempted to score points. It was definitely a work out as you’re running and ducking protecting your base while trying to “shoot” the other players.

At the end, we were all sweaty and laughing. We thanked the other team for a great game and were given our individual score results (we won!).

I would highly recommend Quasar at Leisureplex Tallaght for a fun family night out or a place to take a group of older children.”

Final Verdicts

Quasar at Leisureplex fun things to do with kids

“Who needs Fortnite when I can do this!”

“Fun for all and a great way to exercise!!”

“At the end, we were all sweaty and laughing.”

“It was a great fun cardio workout for everyone”

Where Can We Play Quasar?

You can play Quasar at all Leisureplex centres in Dublin & Cork (excluding Charlestown). Perfect for family days out and birthday parties.

Book your Quasar adventure now!

Over to you now. Have you played Quasar with the kids? Tell us what you thought in the comments below. 

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