You Too Can Make Loom Bracelets without a Loom

Loom Bands

Loom Bracelets are all the craze right now – kids everywhere are spending hours looping these coloured bands together to make all kinds of jewellery and patterns. If you would like to make loom bracelets without a loom, here’s 6 loom bracelet designs you can try. 

Loom Bands_photopinIf you haven’t heard of the loom bracelets craze at this stage, then loom bracelets are made by looping coloured rubber bands together, and securing ends together using s-clips or c-clips. They can be made on a loom, or manually on fingers, markers/pens and forks.

When my son expressed an interest, we decided to just start with the bag of bands and clips, and try make loom bracelets, without the need to purchase the loom – after all, this could be just a passing fad!


1. Single Loop Loom Bracelet

This is the easiest band that you can make and definitely the first one to try! There are a few different ways of doing these, so pick the method that best for you. We found the method of using the finger to hold bands the easiest.

A. Single Loop Bracelet – threading through

(With thanks to The Parenting Channel)

B. Single Loop Bracelet – using fingers

(By Britney Campos)


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